Whether it is the fault of the bus itself or the fault of the bus interface or settings, as long as we master some necessary maintenance criteria, we will get twice the result with half the effort.

1. Understand the cause of the fault and identify the fault location

For any computer fault, before maintenance, we must understand the cause of the fault, analyze it carefully, and roughly determine the location of the fault, so as to achieve targeted.

2. Pay attention to the system settings and distinguish between hardware and software failures

What should I do when there is a bus fault? It is very important that many bus failures are not caused by the damage of bus devices, but by the improper setting of your system or software. Especially for CMOS settings, if you don’t know much about it, you can refer to the motherboard manual. If you don’t know much about it, you can choose loadbios default setup in CMOS to use the BIOS default settings. In addition, for the newer ata66 / 100 bus function, if some of your devices are too old or do not support it well, you’d better not turn on the DMA option in the system settings. In addition, some drivers have poor compatibility with the hardware or have their own bugs, which will also cause the bus and bus devices to work abnormally after installation.

3. Master bus knowledge and aim at the target

No matter what kind of equipment is to be repaired, if you do not have a minimum understanding of the equipment, then the maintenance is impossible. For some basic knowledge of bus, it is very important for us to constantly understand and learn computer knowledge, especially for beginners.

4. Do not forget to observe carefully and pay attention to the installation quality

No matter how high the level of the computer you are repairing, if you do not carefully observe and analyze the faulty computer equipment, but rush to start blindly, then the fault will definitely make you “lose money” and take many detours. It is essential to carefully observe the use of the bus controller and its peripheral components, whether the interface is damaged, and so on. In addition, if you can’t understand the cause of some faults during maintenance, you can carefully check the connection and installation of various parts of the computer first, which will definitely make you bright and dim during maintenance. If necessary, clean up the dust before re plugging the bus device several times.

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