The 21st century is an intelligent era. We can’t live without the faucet in our home life. Although the faucet is small and insignificant, we can’t live without it. Now our life is more and more intelligent, so the artificial intelligence faucet has also appeared. Now let’s introduce the leading brand of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence faucet

Gaoyi from Germany is a star product in the field of sanitary ware. The new ondus digital series digital sensor faucet and shower launched by the company not only adopts a high degree of ergonomic equipment to ensure simple and comfortable operation, but also can accurately set the water flow speed and temperature through electronic temperature control, and the set parameters will be immediately displayed on the display screen. Users only need to touch with their hands to get out of the water, and can switch between different spraying modes such as overhead, side spraying, handheld and so on.

Minta touch kitchen faucet gives people a new experience of this activity. The utility model relates to an electronic device, which is easy to be activated by touching any part of the faucet, replacing the traditional lever principle.

Hansgeya is a bathroom brand as famous as Gaoyi and also from Germany, and this Axor Starck series is jointly created with Philippe Starck designers. Axor Starck series is not only beautiful in shape, but also powered by built-in battery. It can carry out accurate temperature control and two-stage flushing design, which is very convenient.

Pfister’s latest product can automatically start to discharge water as long as you stand in front of the faucet. This faucet is embedded with a fast response motion sensor and selia touch free kitchen faucet technology, which can quickly detect whether there is someone in front. There is also an adjusting button that can adjust the outlet water temperature above the pool. Users who do not like manual control can also choose to automatically sense the ambient temperature through the system to adjust the water temperature and water flow.

There are still many high-end brands of artificial intelligence leaders. The above is some brands of artificial intelligence leaders introduced by Xiaobian. The intelligent faucet looks very high-grade and is very convenient to use. It is a product worth buying. I hope the contents introduced above can help you. Artificial intelligence leads the development of intelligent leading industry.

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