Today is the 21st national “love ear day”.

With the limitation of environment and the need of life, work and study, modern young people are more and more dependent on earphones. The emergence of noise reduction earphones, to a certain extent, makes people find a balance between clear listening and hearing protection in noisy environment. Listening to English in the study room, listening to music in the bus and subway at work, and isolating noise from high-speed railway planes on business trips, the scene and frequency of noise reduction earphones are getting higher and higher.

The function of noise reduction earphones is not only to reduce noise, but also to reduce the frequency of high volume use and hearing loss through technical means. More and more young people have hearing loss due to the use of headphones. One of the main reasons is that the volume of headphones is too high and the wearing time is too long.

What are the features of Huawei freebuses 3 semi open active noise reduction headset

Generally speaking, the normal ear can withstand the volume below 85 dB, long-term exposure above 85 dB will cause progressive hearing loss. For example, the noise in the subway is just at 80 decibels. If people want to answer the phone comfortably, watch videos and listen to music in the subway, the volume often exceeds 90 decibels. At this point, your hearing is impaired.

Therefore, the best advice is to reduce activities such as answering phones, listening to music and watching videos in noisy environments such as subway. Of course, the fact is that it’s hard for us to do it in real life.

Experts also suggest that the “6-6 principle” should be adopted in daily use, that is, the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum output, and the listening time should not exceed 60 minutes each time. When listening to music, the standard of safety is to be able to listen to the people around you when listening to music.

Therefore, the ability of noise reduction earphone to “reduce the ambient noise” enables the earphone to hear clearly without turning on the volume too high.

Of course, noise reduction earphones are also divided into various forms. In addition to active and passive noise reduction in technical principle, they are also divided into headwear type, in ear type and semi open type in design. In terms of noise reduction effect, it is obvious that active noise reduction is far better than passive noise reduction, that is, noise is collected through headphones to generate “negative” sound waves, which are offset with environmental noise, leaving a normal sound source to achieve better noise reduction effect.

In terms of hearing health and wearing comfort, the semi open type is more ear friendly than the in ear type. Although theoretically, under the same noise reduction technology, the in ear earphone has a “physical isolation” bonus. Although the noise reduction effect is better than that of the semi open earphone, it is easy to cause the “Stethoscope” effect. Wearing it for a long time will cause discomfort due to the uneven pressure of the inner and outer ears. In fact, it will also affect the hearing. This is the main reason why many people do not like the in ear earphone.

So, if you want both good noise reduction effect and comfortable wearing, is there a product with “fish and bear’s paw” at the same time? Last year, Huawei’s third-generation flagship true wireless headset freebuses 3 gave the perfect answer. As the first semi open active noise reduction earphone in the industry, it subverts the traditional impression that “open wireless earphone and active noise reduction can’t have it both at the same time”. It gives consideration to comfortable wearing and quiet listening, and protects the hearing of the ear to the greatest extent from two aspects of noise reduction and comfort.

In terms of wearing comfort, the semi open design of Huawei freebuses 3 is more suitable for users with sensitive ear holes. It reduces the stuffy feeling, foreign body feeling and stethoscope effect, effectively reduces the pressure feeling of the headset, and has a stronger sense of permeability. Even if it is worn for a long time, it will not have a particularly heavy burden.

Especially in the scene of listening to songs and chasing dramas before going to bed at night, it is difficult to find a comfortable posture when lying on one’s side, whether it is in ear or headset. In contrast, the semi open design of Huawei freebuses 3 is more “insensitive”, it is easy to find a suitable posture, and it is more suitable for all-weather wearing.

As we said earlier, because there is no physical sound insulation, the ear canal of the semi open earphone is connected with the outside air, and the noise reduction is completely digital by algorithm. Therefore, to achieve good noise reduction effect, the technical requirements are higher.

Generally speaking, due to more “physical isolation”, the sound in the ear is relatively stable compared with the ambient sound, and the noise processing is also relatively stable. However, the semi open earphone is not as airtight as the in ear earphone, so the ear will still hear the changing ambient sound after wearing the earphone. The semi open noise reduction needs to deal with the changing ambient sound in the ear.

Because different people have different shapes of ears and different sizes of ear canals, each person will have different posture and tightness after wearing a semi open headset. Therefore, the realization of noise reduction requires a variety of parameters to adapt to this variety of complex ear shapes, so as to meet the needs of different people to get a comfortable noise reduction experience.

For the above pain points, Huawei freebuses 3. Based on the simulation of real ear canal model, the output frequency and intensity of noise reduction signal are adjusted according to different ear canal shapes. A large number of scene noise signal data are analyzed under the condition of unclosed wearing, and the signal characteristics and common points of each scene are found and classified. Then the corresponding depth algorithm training is carried out according to the user’s daily high-frequency scenes, such as aircraft, subway, office, coffee shop, etc And parameter optimization, adjust to the optimal effect, in order to ensure that users can get a good noise reduction experience in typical daily scenes.

Based on a large number of human ear canals, according to the combination of different ages, genders, ear sizes and wearing habits, Huawei freebuses 3 summarizes and refines nine categories of features, and finally generates nine groups of noise reduction parameters.

By default, Huawei freebuses 3 can automatically turn on “active noise reduction” by double clicking the left headphone, and the prompt sound of “noise reduction on” will be heard. By opening the “Smart Life” app, users can adjust the comfort and noise reduction gear according to their own habits and preferences, so as to achieve the most suitable listening comfort and further protect their hearing health.

In a crowded and noisy shopping mall or subway station, the ambient noise can easily exceed 80 dB, and it may reach 90 dB or higher in the aircraft cabin. If it’s a non noise reducing headset, you can only hear it clearly by adjusting the volume of the headset to 100 dB or higher. If you wear it for a long time, you can imagine the damage to your ears. With Huawei freebuses 3, you can enjoy music quietly at medium volume to protect your hearing.

For users who have been using headphones for a long time, as the world’s first semi open active noise reduction headset, Huawei freebuses 3 has three main advantages:

1、 It can protect the hearing well and listen clearly in noisy environment without increasing the volume of earphone; second, the semi open design can provide long-term comfortable wearing experience without a sense of load; third, the communication is more efficient, not disturbed by various external noises, and can focus more on work and study.

In fact, although the reports of hearing loss caused by wearing headphones for a long time and going to hospital are common, many people’s awareness of hearing protection is still very weak. Because of the limitation of environment and the need of study and work, we can’t get rid of earphones completely. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a semi open noise reduction headset with comfortable wearing and good noise reduction effect. From March 5 to March 8, Huawei’s freebuds3 offers a maximum discount of 100 yuan on the Queen’s day of tmall. Whether you use it yourself or send it to your girlfriend, it’s the best time to start.

Of course, in addition to controlling the volume, reducing the use time as much as possible is the key to hearing protection. Finally, I hope you can pay attention to hearing health and refuse bad habits of using headphones. If you have a certain degree of hearing problems, such as frequent tinnitus, earache, ear tightness and other symptoms, be sure to go to the hospital in time and say goodbye to the earphone for the time being.

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