As the saying goes, “people depend on clothes”, your taste in clothes will directly affect the first impression you leave to others. If you wear a brand-name suit but it’s crumpled, or you wear a Merino sweater but it smells of mildew stored in a wardrobe for a long time, then this detail is like revealing to others. You are just “superficial”. In private, you don’t pay attention to the quality of life, which naturally reduces the impression of others.

With the improvement of living standards, our clothing taste is also improved, but many family washing machines have not been updated in time. Traditional washing machines with high-end new clothes are a bit outrageous. For example, linen shirt, under the traditional washing machine, wrinkled like “pickle”, not only damages the clothes, but also reduces your image.

What are the features of als4519919939519489 Galanz xqg100-zt8914v yundidi intelligent steam washing machine

How to do it? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to care. Galanz xqg100-zt8914v cloud didi intelligent steam washing machine connects mobile phones and washing machines through self-developed G + smart home app. It has developed down washing, silk washing, steam washing, 95 ° high temperature washing and other home washing functions specially for urban family clothing care needs, which can help you easily solve the problem of clothing washing and care, and let you wash your own clothes You should dress appropriately.

In the past, we usually choose to send high-end clothes to dry cleaners, but now we are busy with work, the time cost to send them to dry cleaners is too high, and the nursing cost is high, so it seems that they are not the best choice.

Is home care much more convenient? The steam washing function of Galanz xqg100-zt8914v yundidi intelligent steam washing machine is very suitable for washing suits, sweaters and other coats that are not easy to wash in autumn and winter. The principle of steam washing is to use drying channel to heat air, combine with high-temperature water mist steam to penetrate deeply into fabric fibers, and recycle hot air to completely decompose odor molecules. After steam washing, the clothes feel clean and warm, the fabric is soft and elastic, stretch out, and feel comfortable.

In addition to steam washing, it also has steam refreshing function. For example, when we go out for dinner, our clothes are easy to get the smell of lampblack, and our pets often lose their hair and stick to pillows and toys. The steam refreshing function can remove bacteria and odor from clothes, bags and toys, clean down the down, and do not damage the fabric of clothes, killing two birds with one stone.

Secondly, Galanz xqg100-zt8914v yundidi intelligent steam washing machine is equipped with BLDC variable frequency motor, which can effectively reduce vibration, reduce noise and silence in the process of washing; at the same time, it adopts high rib design to ensure that the washing is clean, at the same time, it can also effectively prevent clothes from winding, wrinkle removal and non ironing, which can help you save clothes ironing time.

With the upgrading of clothing products, the washing machine should also be upgraded. Galanz xqg100-zt8914v yundidi intelligent steam washing machine will give you a humanized and efficient home care experience to meet the needs of every family’s beautiful life.

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