On December 19, academician Zhong pointed out that the new coronavirus appeared “environmental transmission”. As long as the infected person pollutes the surrounding environment and objects, the healthy people touch their mouth, nose and eyes after contacting the virus on the surface of these objects. What’s more serious is that the new coronavirus with higher infectious degree has been detected in many countries. The most effective way to prevent and control the epidemic is to avoid contact between people and objects.

The rich and diverse control technologies of smart home can effectively reduce the contact between people and objects, and avoid cross infection. So what are the specific control methods of smart home?

Gesture control

Gesture recognition is the most natural way of interaction. Although there are few domestic enterprises developing gesture control smart home, gesture recognition will be an important development direction in the future smart home field.

Infrared induction control

Infrared induction control is the most common application in smart home, which can control lighting and other devices without contact. For example, when infrared sensors are installed in the porch, corridor, balcony and toilet, the light will automatically turn on when it senses the signal, and will automatically turn off when people leave. The same is true for the intelligent mirror with built-in infrared sensor. When the intelligent mirror senses someone approaching, it will automatically turn on; if it does not sense someone within a certain period of time, it will automatically enter the sleep state, which is the same as the ordinary mirror.

Mobile app control

Many people think that smart home controlled by mobile phone is pseudo intelligence, but no matter where you go, it’s mobile phone that you can’t leave your hand. It is a good way to control smart home by using mobile phones that other people will not touch, especially when they leave home.

Intelligent voice control

Voice control smart home mainly has two forms: direct voice and indirect voice. Direct voice is to say the corresponding voice command to specific household appliances, while indirect voice is to control other household appliances through intelligent speakers, robots, intelligent magic mirror and other devices.

For users who are used to traditional wall switches, such as the elderly, it is not suitable to directly step into the abstract control mode. In order to take into account the habits of these groups, the traditional touch control is still commonly used. For example, music, lights, air and hot water in the home can be turned on, off and freely adjusted by touching the smart magic mirror.

In addition, smart home can also play an important role in the management of epidemic isolation.

Intelligent lock of networking version

In the community epidemic prevention and control, a seal, ordinary door lock is difficult to play an effective regulatory role. Some isolation personnel do not cooperate with the work, such as escaping, breaking in and going out at will, which increases the possibility of virus transmission and is very unfavorable for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation.

Use the smart lock to control the door lock authorization and remote unlocking through app. If the isolation personnel unlawfully unlock the door in the room, the app will push the information to help the supervisors find and solve the problem in time; the remote remote unlocking will authorize the legal personnel to enter and leave. It can not only help the supervisors to improve the management efficiency, but also effectively prevent the illegal personnel from escaping and intruding, so as to reduce the potential risk of infection.

Intelligent magnetic door and window

It is difficult for the monitoring personnel to monitor and inspect the isolation personnel at home 24 hours a day, and it is difficult to count whether they go out, when they go out, and when they go out. If the number of inspections is increased, the workload of monitoring personnel will be increased, and the risk of infection will also be increased.

Intelligent door and window magnets are installed on the isolated doors and windows to monitor the opening and closing status of doors and windows. Once there is a dynamic situation, messages will be pushed to the mobile app, and the opening and closing time of each time will be recorded. In this way, the monitoring personnel do not need to contact the isolation personnel directly. Through the app, the number and time of going out of each isolated room can be calculated in detail, which can help fine supervision and scientific epidemic prevention Control.

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