What are the computer operating systems

At present, DOS, OS / 2, UNIX, XENIX, Linux, windows, Netware and so on are common operating systems on microcomputers. But all operating systems have four basic characteristics: concurrency, sharing, virtuality and uncertainty.

The main goal of configuring the operating system on a computer system is first related to the size of the computer system. Generally, the OS in the large and medium-sized computer system, because the computer is expensive, so they pay more attention to the effectiveness of the use of the machine, and also hope that the OS has a very strong function;

But for the computer operating system in the microcomputer, because the price of the microcomputer is relatively cheap, the effectiveness of the use of the machine is not so important, and people pay more attention to the convenience of use.

Main functions of computer operating system

Computer operating system has five functions

1. Processor management: it mainly controls and manages the work of CPU.

2. Storage management: mainly for memory allocation and management

3. Equipment management: mainly manage the basic input and output equipment

4. File management: responsible for the organization, storage, operation and protection of computer files.

5. Process management: also known as job management, refers to the management of computer operations.

The types of operating systems are very diverse. The operating systems installed on different machines can be from simple to complex, from embedded systems of mobile phones to large operating systems of supercomputers.

For example, some operating systems integrate graphical user interface, while others only use command-line interface, and regard graphical user interface as an unnecessary application.

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