Smartwatches now account for a large proportion of our daily life, and more and more users wear smartwatches, but do you know the classification of smartwatches?

1. Full touch screen smart watch: As the name suggests, the entire dial is set to a large LCD touch screen, and the dial and hands (not real hands) are displayed through virtual display. Such smart watches pay more attention to functions, such as heart rate monitoring and exercise data. , message reminder, etc.

But this kind of smart watch is actually an electronic watch, all of which are electronic structures, which are easy to break, have short battery life, and the appearance (especially when the screen is black) is very different from the “real watch”.

2. “Large Bracelet”, although the function is much stronger than the Bracelet, it cannot download apps, and the degree of freedom is limited. The advantage is that the battery life is very strong, usually more than two weeks, and may even exceed 20 days.

3. Light smart watch: Add a small LCD screen to the “corner” of the dial with solid hands to display some small functional parameters. This method not only has less functions.

Moreover, the operation of the display screen is also too small, making it difficult to achieve touch control. The advantage is that it is more like a real watch when worn normally. At the same time, because of the few functions, the power consumption is low, and the natural battery life is relatively strong.

4. All-round smart watches can independently install apps and network, and have more powerful functions, but the battery life of such devices is usually poor, and they are generally charged once a day.

5. Smart watch with perforated screen: Perforated in the center of the touch screen, so as to perfectly combine the large touch screen and the solid watch hands, the advantage is that it can not only have the appearance of a light smart watch that is more like a “real watch” and an ultra-long watch Battery life, but also take into account the powerful intelligent functions.

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