Virtual storage has the following characteristics:

(1) Virtual storage provides a means of centralized management of large capacity storage system, which is managed by a link in the network (such as server) to avoid the management trouble caused by the expansion of storage devices. For example, with a general storage system, when a new storage device is added, the whole system (including many user devices in the network) needs to be configured again before the “new member” can be added to the storage system. However, when using virtual storage technology to add new storage devices, the network administrator only needs to make relatively simple system configuration changes to the storage system, and the client does not need any operation. It just feels that the capacity of the storage system is increased.

What are the characteristics of virtual storage

(2) The most valuable feature of virtual storage for video network system is that it can greatly improve the overall access bandwidth of storage system. The storage system is composed of multiple storage modules, and the virtual storage system can balance the load well and allocate the bandwidth required for each data access to each storage module reasonably, so that the overall access bandwidth of the system will be increased. For example, the total bandwidth of each storage module is about 200 Mbps, that is, the total bandwidth of each storage module is close to that of a storage module.

(3) Virtual storage technology provides better flexibility for storage resource management. It can manage and use different types of storage devices in a centralized way, which ensures the investment of storage devices purchased by users in the past.

(4) Virtual storage technology can provide some other useful functions for network system through management software, such as remote mirror without server, data snapshot and so on.

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