Servo system is the actuator in automatic production. If all kinds of manipulators want to do work, they cannot do without the help of servo system. Compared with other motors in the past, the servo system has the greatest advantage of high control accuracy, because it has an encoder structure and can realize closed-loop control. As the main part of the servo system, the choice of motion motor is also very important. At present, the main types of servo motors are AC and DC. The AC type has better comprehensive characteristics and has more development prospects. So, what are the characteristics of AC servo? Make a simple inventory:

1、 When AC servo motor is started, the torque is relatively large and the control sensitivity is high. In fact, at the early stage of the design of AC servo motor, great attention has been paid to the problem of sensitivity, that is, the control accuracy mentioned above is high. At the same time, it has a large torque when starting. Even if the speed becomes higher, the torque will not drop precipitously.

2、 The AC servo motor normally moves without autobiography. As long as the control voltage disappears, it will stop moving immediately instead of relying on inertia to continue rotating.

3、 Most AC servo motors have brushless structure, which is convenient for maintenance. Most AC servo motors have no brush structure, so there is no problem of brush loss. At the same time, brush wear will also generate some waste. If it is stored in the motor, it will adversely affect the normal operation of the motor, and it needs to be cleaned regularly. AC servo is far better than DC servo in maintenance.

Of course, whether to choose AC servo, DC servo or stepper motor in actual work should be based on your own needs. If the control accuracy requirements are not so high, you can consider stepper motor. If high precision control is required, the servo system is more suitable.

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