Problem 1: causes of overload of servo motor alarm

Drive transmission resistance is too large, check the transmission system.

Question 2: what is the difference between the overload capacity of stepper motor and servo motor?

Stepper motor generally does not have overload capacity. AC servo motor has strong overload capacity. Taking Panasonic AC servo system as an example, it has the ability of speed overload and torque overload. Its maximum torque is three times of the rated torque, which can be used to overcome the inertia torque of inertia load at the moment of starting. Stepping motor has no such overload capacity. In order to overcome the inertia torque, it is often necessary to select the motor with larger torque when selecting the type. However, the machine does not need such a large torque during normal operation, which leads to torque waste.

Question 3: is the overload of servo motor related to current

As a component of torque output, the overload of the motor must be caused by the large shaft torque of the mechanical part and exceeding the allowable value of the motor, which has nothing to do with the current. But the phenomenon is characterized by the increase of current, or equal to or exceed the rated current. In general, when designing the motor configuration, the selected electric torque is 10 ~ 15% greater than the mechanical shaft torque. Therefore, when the motor operating current reaches or slightly exceeds 85% of the rated current, it can be basically considered as reaching the full load of the machine, and when it exceeds 90%, it can be considered as mechanical (equipment) overload.

Problem 4: servo motor overload will occur

If the protection doesn’t work, if the motor doesn’t run, the temperature of the motor will rise. After reaching a certain temperature, the state will not change.

This is how the servo motor is designed. Its principle is equivalent to that of an electric mattress. When the temperature rises to a certain value and the heat dissipation is balanced, it will not change,

That’s how it is

Question 5: what is the cause of servo overload alarm

If the motor is operated under the condition of exceeding the rated torque for a long time, overload will be reported. Generally, the load is too heavy, but this error will also be reported when the UVW phase sequence is connected wrongly or is not equal.

Question 6: what is the fault of servo motor overload

Power line fault, improper parameters, mechanical problems will cause overload

Problem 7: overload protection of servo motor

Numerical control can be adjusted, the load is too large to stop

Question 8: why is AC synchronous servo motor overload?

Overload capacity, motor on the one hand, the most important is the servo driver IGBT size.

Question 9: what is the reason for the servo motor to stop working out of control?

If the motor doesn’t move, check whether the servo amplifier gives an alarm. If it gives an alarm, find a solution through the error code. Generally, it may be an overload alarm. Try increasing the rigidity parameter

Question 10: fanako servo motor has not yet acted, and it is seriously heating in the static state, causing servo overload alarm. What’s the matter?

It should be that the servo motor starts to receive the operation command and starts to operate, as a result, the motor fails to operate normally. Therefore, at this time, the electric energy to the motor is converted into heat energy and released, causing the motor to overheat;

This can be divided into the following situations:

First, given the operation command, there are the following possibilities: improper parameter setting; incorrect wiring; low power of servo motor, unable to drag the load;

Second, no operation instructions were given. At this time, only power on, not to run the performance, but due to wiring errors, or electromagnetic interference, resulting in interference servo system, out of control.

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