One of the characteristics of the development of automotive technology is that more and more components are controlled by electronic control, especially with the concept of new energy vehicles and the Internet of vehicles, the number of electronic components on the vehicle is increasing, which directly results in the application of various sensors. According to the function of the sensor, it can be classified as the automobile sensor which can measure temperature, pressure, flow, position, gas concentration, speed, brightness, dry humidity, distance and other functions.

Vehicle sensor

Vehicle sensor is the input device of automobile computer system. It transforms various working conditions information of automobile operation, such as vehicle speed, temperature of various media, engine working conditions, etc., into electrical signals to be transmitted to the computer, so that the engine can be in the best working condition. This paper mainly introduces the application of afg31000 arbitrary wave function generator in the simulation of automobile sensor signal.


In most cases, the test of automotive electronics does not directly use sensors to test the performance of various electronic components, which is not suitable for the actual operation in terms of timeliness and efficiency.


Electronic design engineer of electronic engine control system

Test principle:

As shown in Figure 1, it is the wiring diagram of ECU receiving crank shaft, camshaft, wheel, collision and other engine sensor signals. Here, we can simulate various vehicle sensor signals through afg31000 to test and optimize the function of engine control unit (ECU) in automotive applications.

Advantages of using afg31000 arbitrary wave function generator

·It simplifies the synchronous connection of multiple computers and realizes multi-channel test easily;

·Arbexpress PC software provides powerful waveform creation and editing functions. At the same time, the built-in arbbuilder can create and edit arbitrary waveforms on the instrument without connecting a computer;

·With patented instaview ™ With this technology, engineers can view the actual waveform of DUT in real time without using oscilloscope and probe, which reduces the uncertainty caused by impedance mismatch;

·It is easy to use and small in volume.

Tips and tips

·Set frequencych1 = CH2 to on, start alignphase, and activate the synchronization mode of dual channel signal generator; in addition, afg31000 simplifies the synchronization process of multiple generators, and has a Wizard tool on the screen, which can guide users to complete the cable connection, setting and configuration, and realize the synchronization of multiple generators;

·In order to create the waveform file, the oscilloscope is used to collect the actual signal, and then it is imported into the afg31000 signal generator through arbexpress.

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