April 4th – according to novel coronavirus pneumonia, the 6 Circolo TODAY nurses in Italy’s LINE hospital have been able to help patients with new crown pneumonia.

What are the benefits of introducing robots into hospitals

According to the staff of the hospital, “these robots are like another group of” nurses “, but they don’t have to consider the problem of infection.” these child sized robots are pushed to the patient’s bedside to take care of the patient, so that doctors can take care of other people with more serious conditions.

It house learned that these robots can monitor the parameters of equipment in the room and forward them to hospital staff. They all have touch screens, and patients can also record messages and send them to doctors. In this way, the number of direct contact between doctors and nurses and patients is reduced, thus reducing the risk of infection. At the same time, thanks to the addition of robots, the use of medical materials such as masks by doctors and nurses is gradually reduced.

Meanwhile, according to the experts who developed the robot, patients may not immediately accept products such as robots at the beginning, which requires doctors and nurses to explain the purpose and function of using robots to patients, especially for elderly patients.

These robot “nurses” have another advantage: they don’t feel tired. After a quick charge, they can return to work in the ward.

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