The ID number is the only and lifetime identity code compiled by our country for every citizen from the date of birth. Don’t be careless! Don’t use your ID card like this. Be careful and tell your family as soon as possible!

What are the benefits of adding RFID technology to your ID card

The lost ID card can still be used

The importance of ID card is self-evident. It is indispensable for both daily travel and handling various certificates. But! Accidents are inevitable in life, and the loss of ID card occurs from time to time. Personal information is stored in the chip of China’s second-generation ID card. Once it is lost, it can only be reported for loss and cannot be cancelled. The old ID card that has been reported for loss can still be used. Once the ID card is falsely used, if it is serious, it may be used to register the company, apply for credit cards, falsely issue value-added tax invoices, and even engage in various illegal and criminal activities.

After being stolen or lost, issue a certificate to the police station as soon as possible

If the ID card is lost due to theft or robbery, report to the local police station as soon as possible and issue a report certificate; If you lose your mind, you should go to the police station where you are registered at the registered residence, and issue a Remedial Certificate. In addition, the newspaper statement can also be used as an auxiliary voucher to prove the invalidation of the ID card; As a native of China, the resident ID card of the people’s Republic of China is essential for the Chinese people.

Don’t give me photos with your ID card

Divulging personal identity information; Easy to be used by criminals for lending or other acts. Reminder: don’t upload photos of hand-held ID cards to informal Internet platforms at will. Always keep an eye on those involved, so as to prevent them from being stolen, used or reselled by criminals for profit. The resident ID card of the people’s Republic of China is 54mm tall, 85.6mm wide and 1mm thick. Although it is small, the information on it is very rich. Your name, sex, age and where you live are all clearly written.

The second generation ID card chip adopts smart card technology and contains RFID chip. This chip cannot be copied and is highly anti-counterfeited. The advantage is that the chip has large storage capacity, and the written information can be divided into security levels and stored in partitions, including name, address, photo and other information. Now many audit units use the ID card identification instrument to identify whether the ID card is valid. The ID card identification instrument can automatically read the information in the ID card chip. In case the ID card chip is demagnetized, they will encounter trouble during audit.

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