Since the eighteen Party’s Congress, general secretary Xi Jinping has put innovation in the core position of the overall development of the country, attaches great importance to the development of artificial intelligence, and has talked about the importance of AI for many times, pointing out the direction for the new era of artificial intelligence empowerment. With the high attention, cordial care and strong support of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the new generation of artificial intelligence driven by core algorithm, industry big data and industry experts has developed rapidly and made new breakthroughs. The new generation of artificial intelligence technology has broad and efficient application scenarios in translation, learning, medical treatment, travel, preschool education, pension and other scenarios due to its outstanding ability in five aspects: deep learning, cross-border integration, human-computer cooperation, group intelligence opening and independent intelligence. Based on years of industry research and industrialization experience, the author summarizes ten scenarios in which the next generation of artificial intelligence will be widely used in the next decade.

What are the application prospects of artificial intelligence

Scene 1:

Individualized education of individualized teaching

With the support of the new generation of artificial intelligence technology, Confucius’ idea of “teaching students according to their aptitude” three thousand years ago is becoming a reality. Based on the perception and understanding analysis of the characteristics and efficiency of massive students’ knowledge acquisition, the AI system can accurately recognize each student’s understanding and acquisition level of each node of the knowledge map on the basis of analyzing the results of a small number of students’ problem-solving, so as to automatically give a personalized accurate learning scheme and guide its implementation, and achieve the best learning with the least teaching resources and learning time Get results. Parents no longer need to worry about taking their children to do their homework. The intelligent education system can achieve “less homework, more points, and a harmonious society”. Based on the in-depth learning of k12 education and the accurate perception and mastery of children’s learning habits, the teaching efficiency and effect of intelligent education system are expected to surpass human education experts in an all-round way. In the near future, students who use the personalized education system will have more time and energy to participate in the extracurricular activities and quality education in addition to their learning quality and test scores.

Scene two:

Happy childhood under the Enlightenment of Science

Scientific enlightenment is the foundation of enlightening innovation spirit and cultivating innovation ability. With the support of children education experts and child psychologists, AI system can learn the understanding and reasoning of children from AI experts on the basis of the perception of all-round big data of children’s life, growth, companionship, learning and emotion. The evolving intelligent companion education robot for children will become the best intimate friend of children, complete the scientific enlightenment while accompanying them to grow happily, let children unconsciously feel the scientific spirit, understand the scientific methods, master the scientific knowledge and cultivate the scientific literacy, so as to lay a good foundation for the future growth of innovative talents with solid foundation and excellent ability Foundation and guarantee. With the progress of technology and the evolution of system, AI will eventually know more about children’s interests and talents than children and their parents, so as to help parents develop the abilities and specialties most suitable for each child.

Scene three:

From AI assisted care to AI preventive care

At present, the medical robot based on the new generation of artificial intelligence technology can complete the whole process of intelligent medical history collection, case analysis and diagnosis, output diagnosis and treatment advice and intelligent follow-up after diagnosis.

The next step in the development of intelligent medicine is to “cure the disease”. Based on the perception and analysis of real-time big data of personal life, learning and work, AI (Artificial Intelligence) system will combine the big data of the whole life cycle such as my past medical history, characteristic gene map and the change data of living and working environment, and intelligently analyze and predict the occurrence of high-risk diseases and health accidents of the biological individual Possibility, so as to give accurate preventive medical advice. Nano robot based on artificial intelligence technology can enter human body to sense all kinds of physiological data at any time. Combined with intelligent medical brain analysis in the cloud, it can predict and remind danger and accident in real time, and implement auxiliary medical treatment within the scope of authorization.

Scene four:

Agile and responsive care for the aged

The key point of intelligent elderly care lies in the construction of scenario base and solution base, and the difficulty lies in the agile maintenance of disabled elderly. Based on the analysis and understanding of big data for the elderly, the intelligent elderly care system constructs a scenario database and solution database covering most of the real-life situations of the elderly by stages in the background. On this basis, combined with the real-time physiological monitoring system and the new generation of human-computer cooperative robot, it realizes the comprehensive coverage of life management, social management, emotional management, disability maintenance and medical maintenance The rapid response of elderly care.

Scene five:

Considerate AI housekeeper

Within the framework of law and ethics, citizens can customize personalized AI Butler to meet the personalized needs of personal life, work and entertainment.

It should be noted that although robots cannot have the same emotion as humans, with the support of the Internet of things and the new generation of sensors, with the continuous development and breakthrough of core algorithms, robots will gradually have cognitive intelligence including autonomous learning, semantic understanding, logical reasoning and other capabilities. At that time, based on perception, cognition, learning, understanding and inductive reasoning, the robot can adopt high-order complex algorithm to continuously simulate human emotion and approach human perception threshold.

Scene six:

Intelligent transportation with cloud integration

The current L4 level of driverless (highly automated driving for specific scenarios, driving from the starting point to the destination without human assistance. Only the starting and ending information is needed, the vehicle will be responsible for driving safety in the whole process, and it does not rely on driver intervention at all). The vehicle has started to be commercially used, and the industry recognized L5 level driverless Technology (driverless under all working conditions, the vehicle can achieve full automatic driving under any road environment) will be commercially available within five years. With the popularization and improvement of 5g, based on the ubiquitous high-quality communication network, the field of driverless will realize the deep integration of public / personal vehicles, transportation environment Internet of things and transportation super brain system, and the movement route and parameters of the end-point vehicles will be uniformly weighted by the cloud transportation super brain to ensure the optimal system.

Scene seven:

Precise career development planning consultation

AI system can understand and analyze relevant parameters such as real-time employment rate, salary fluctuation, demand change trend of different occupations and big data of talent supply. Combining with personal growth and education big data, AI system can give specific personal precise career development planning suggestions, even precise life planning and consumer financial planning. Artificial intelligence system will know you better than yourself, and know how to choose and choose can make your career development more efficient and successful.

Scene eight:

Intelligent law enforcement of feedforward management

On the basis of AI assisted case handling, trial and judgment, through the correlation analysis of case big data and personalized big data of the involved personnel, the internal mechanism and evolution model of illegal crime are summarized, and an effective feedforward management plan and roadmap are obtained, which will make it possible to eliminate the key factors forming the motivation and facts of illegal crime in advance. In the near future, human beings will be able to partially realize the feedforward management of illegal crimes, and the focus of intelligent law enforcement will move forward to the crime prevention link.

Scene nine:

Htof’s smart factory

The development trend of e-commerce recognized by the industry is C2F (personalized production for consumer orders). At present, some brand home appliances and automobile manufacturers have been realized. Customers can customize their own personalized products on the website or mobile app, such as the refrigerator with their wedding photos printed on the door panel or the car with four different color seats. The next development stage of C2F is h2f, and H is the abbreviation of humanity. Based on the advanced mode of intelligent and personalized production for the effective needs of customers, the artificial intelligence system will deeply analyze and understand the big data of customers’ consumption, and explore the realization of intelligent production for the potential human needs of “tomorrow leaves” of citizens’ life tree. At that time, “what I want, what you produce” will be upgraded to “what you produce, what you desire”.

Scene ten:

Human language exchange program

This scene was proposed by Dr. Liu Qingfeng, chairman of iFLYTEK. At the annual conference of new products on May 21 this year, iFLYTEK released the latest version of iFLYTEK translator with powerful functions, which supports 59 language translation, dialect translation, photo translation, offline translation, and industry term translation. In addition, it also supports such powerful functions as oral English interactive learning evaluation, 10 day standby, 0.5 second flash translation, all Netcom, high-sensitivity noise reduction microphone array, etc. No matter how the global political pattern changes, the increasing trend of non-governmental exchanges and interactions is unstoppable. IFLYTEK is working with the State Administration of foreign languages and other units to build a national translation platform and a human language tower. Based on iFLYTEK’s world leading intelligent voice technology and system, we will realize the full-automatic, full duplex recognition, translation and synthesis of human languages in the near future, effectively eliminate the language barriers of individuals with different cultural backgrounds, languages and language families, and make the communication of culture and culture free of language barriers. Finally, the community of human destiny will be successfully built!

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