In the field of video surveillance, the public security information project has been built for many years. Faced with a variety of platform construction, diversified front-end products and complex business applications, it is impossible to make a quantitative analysis of the operation as a whole. For the whole system construction, operation and maintenance, the use of the situation can not be quantified assessment.

After years of construction, when we look back, we have found that Ping’an city has become a huge, complex and extremely important system in our city. In the whole country, the construction of safe city is in full swing. How to evaluate the construction effect of safe city with data and how to operate the data of safe city?

Through the deep processing of massive data, multi-dimensional data mining and rich data presentation forms, we can timely grasp the data of the whole system operation, and provide decision analysis for the future system construction and planning.

Dahua big data magic wall system integrates the “visual analysis and display system of view data”, which can deeply analyze and display the resources and data of various video systems on the wall, effectively present the construction, operation and use of video monitoring, and form the big data command battle wall of public security business to understand the construction information and real-time situation.

Scheme features

Highlight 1: overview of safe city construction — multi screen comprehensive visual analysis

Using big data magic wall, safe city construction planning.

Through multi-source data visualization, multi screen panoramic perspective analysis of construction tasks and point data.

Understand the macro construction situation, local point distribution and change of point application type.

What are the application features of Dahua big data magic wall system

Highlight 2: Safe City Health Management

Multi source combination analysis across tables in the same topic. In the same analysis topic, we can get the desired analysis results from each table data source in an all-round way and get insight into the truth.

Highlight 3: in depth operation of safe city

Through the analysis of hot video, hot area, hot video, user activity and efficiency, the video business behavior of mass users is analyzed, and each record generated by public security users is analyzed.

Highlight 4: the actual combat of safe city view

Multi table correlation (four color warning, time and space analysis, time type analysis of case events, KPI of personnel department, video detection rate, etc.) real time establishment of KPI, real-time control of internal operation.

Highlight 5: real time situation analysis of safe city

Support real-time multi-source data collision – sensing congestion density, linkage early warning plan, prevention in advance.

Highlight 6: historical situation analysis of safe city — big data intelligence of high risk vehicles based on map

Free exploration combination + visual dynamic analysis + holographic linkage display = key situation intelligence.

Highlight 7: large screen, multi screen and touch screen

The pad handheld device is used as the control terminal to realize the operation control of large screen, such as cross screen, roaming, splicing, etc. Compared with the traditional centralized control system and wireless terminal, the system is more simplified, and the function has been greatly improved, providing customers with a flexible and convenient operation experience.

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