The application of VR in medicine and nursing training is of great practical significance. In the virtual environment, a virtual human model can be established, and students can easily understand the structure of various organs inside the human body, which is more difficult than the existing textbook method. Much more effective.

In medical schools, students can perform "cadaver" dissections and various surgical exercises in virtual laboratories. With this technology, training costs are greatly reduced because they are not limited by specimens and venues. Some virtual reality systems used for medical training, practice and research have a very high degree of simulation, and their superiority and effects are immeasurable and incomparable.

VR + real estate

In real estate, VR applications are mainly VR panoramic viewings. In addition to viewing the exterior and interior of buildings, VR panoramic viewings can also view urban gardens and landscapes, and can look around every corner. With the VR panoramic viewing, the home inspector can sit at home and use the VR virtual reality equipment to select a room, which provides great convenience for customers and also brings great convenience to the real estate industry.


The VR experience hall based on virtual reality technology can let the viewers experience the feeling of being in a real scene, and let the experiencer immerse in the virtual environment created by the film. At the same time, with the continuous innovation of virtual reality technology, this technology has also developed rapidly in the field of games. Virtual reality technology uses a three-dimensional virtual space generated by a computer, and three-dimensional games are just based on this technology. Three-dimensional games contain almost all the technologies of virtual reality, which makes the game maintain real-time and interactivity. Improves the realism of the game.


Virtual reality technology has become a new educational means to promote the development of education. Traditional education just blindly instills knowledge in students, but now the use of virtual reality technology can help students create a vivid and realistic learning environment, so that students can enhance their memory through real feelings. Compared with passive indoctrination, the use of virtual reality technology to carry out Self-directed learning is easier for students to accept, and this method is more likely to stimulate students' interest in learning. In addition, colleges and universities use virtual reality technology to establish virtual laboratories related to subjects to help students learn better.


Virtual reality technology compiles the data of mountains, rivers, landforms, oceans, lakes and other data on the map through a computer. Using virtual reality technology, the original flat map can be turned into a three-dimensional topographic map, and then projected through holographic technology. It is also helpful to conduct military exercises and other training, and improve our country's comprehensive national strength. Virtual reality technology can also three-dimensionalize the scene captured by the drone, reducing the difficulty of operation and improving the efficiency of investigation.

VR + Aerospace

Using virtual reality technology and computer statistical simulation, the space shuttle and flight environment in reality are reproduced in the virtual space, so that pilots can conduct flight training and experimental operations in the virtual space, which greatly reduces the experimental cost and the risk factor of the experiment. .


Virtual reality can turn ideas into visible virtual objects and environments, so that the traditional design mode can only be improved to the perfect realm of digital "see is what you get", which greatly improves the quality and efficiency of design and planning. Using virtual reality technology, designers can build and decorate a "virtual" room completely according to their own ideas, and can arbitrarily change their position in the room to observe the effect of the design until they are satisfied. Not only saves time, but also saves the cost of making models.

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