In recent years, automobiles have gradually developed in the direction of electronics and intelligence, and MCUs have ushered in a period of rapid growth driven by various new technologies and applications. Relevant data show that sales of automotive MCUs will reach $8.1 billion in 2023. Huge business opportunities attract major manufacturers to accelerate their layout. Among them, Xinwangwei stands out among many manufacturers with its self-developed low-power, high-reliability and high-performance KungFu core acceleration layout.

From April 14th to 16th, the 2021 Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Xinwang Micro focused on displaying automotive-grade and 8-bit and 32-bit MCU products for industrial control and IoT.

What are the advantages of Xinwang Micro MCU products?

What is the "magic" of the product

According to Lu Hengyang, manager of the FAE department of Xinwang Micro, the company's automotive-grade MCU products can cover applications such as body control, automotive lighting, smart cockpit, and automotive power supplies and motors.

When talking about the advantages of Xinwang Micro's products, Lu Hengyang pointed out that firstly, the company's 8-bit and 32-bit MCU products use the self-developed KungFu core, which avoids the risk of being disabled and can be controlled independently; secondly, the performance of the chip ESD can reach 8KV (HBM), and EFT can reach 4.2KV; again from the perspective of power consumption, the dynamic power consumption of KF32 series is only 60uA/MHz, and the power consumption in Shutdown mode is only 0.2uA; the final resource advantage Mainly reflected in the high integration, the maximum Flash can reach 512KB, and the maximum RAM is 128KB.

So far, Xinwang Micro has successfully launched KF8F, KF8L, KF8A, KF8TS, KF8S and other 8-bit MCU products and KF32A, KF32F, KF32L, KF32LS and other 32-bit MCU products to the application market. Thanks to the high-performance and high-reliability KungFu core, Xinwangwei's MCU products have entered the supply chain of many Fortune 500 and domestic well-known enterprises, with a cumulative shipment of more than 700 million units.

"In 2020, the company's vehicle-grade MCU sales will exceed 30 million, and 32-bit MCU shipments have also achieved sales of one million pieces; and the entire industry + automotive MCU sales will exceed 100 million yuan." Lu Hengyang said.

"Localization" Opportunities

For a long time, the global automotive-grade MCU market has been monopolized by foreign companies such as NXP, Renesas, Microchip, and Infineon, with only a small share of domestic manufacturers. However, the increasing global trade tensions and the shortage of automotive chips have brought opportunities to domestic manufacturers.

Lu Hengyang said: "The shortage of automotive chips has accelerated the application of domestic chip manufacturers in the automotive field, and we have also quickly entered the domestic first-class OEMs and even international manufacturers."

As for how to seize the opportunity, Lu Hengyang pointed out that automotive chips focus on reliability and safety. Reliability means ensuring quality and meeting the AEC-Q100 test standard. Safety means that chips need to focus on functional safety. Only when MCUs with higher functional safety levels are designed can they be used in many core automotive ECUs, thus truly filling the domestic gap.

Looking forward to the future, Lu Hengyang said that Xinwang Micro will continue to deepen the field of automotive electronics and be able to provide the automotive industry with more chips in addition to MCUs. At the MCU level, the company will also move towards MCUs with higher functional safety levels. In the future, it will also provide an MCU with a higher control safety level for the pre-controlled chassis powertrain integration system.

Conclusion: In the era of "bringing doctrine" prevailing, Xinwang Micro has insisted on independent research and development of MCU core since its establishment, and some people have questioned its necessity and reliability, but Xinwang Micro has successfully achieved mass production despite all difficulties. As Lu Hengyang said: "Whether it is from market demand or thinking about supply chain security, Xinwangwei will always adhere to the route of independent innovation and provide customers with products with better performance and better quality."

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