1、 Overview of environmental protection UAV

Equipped with high-definition aerial camera, thermal infrared imager, high-definition camera, air pollutant composite sensor and other equipment, the environmental protection UAV has played a great role in the fields of environmental emergency monitoring, environmental quality monitoring, pollution source monitoring, ecological remote sensing and so on. The adverse phenomena such as “enterprise illegal discharge” and “straw burning” have been effectively curbed and become a “sharp weapon” for environmental law enforcement by the environmental protection department 。 UAV quietly cruised over the sewage enterprises, with a panoramic view of air quality data and real-time pictures, making the illegal acts of sewage enterprises nowhere to hide.

The environmental protection UAV can monitor six conventional parameters (PM10, PM2.5, SO2, NO2, Co, O3) and various characteristic pollution parameters such as VOCs, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, and flexibly select and freely combine the monitoring indicators according to the needs of customers.

What are the advantages of UAV in the field of environmental protection and atmospheric monitoring

2、 What can UAVs do in the field of environmental protection?

1. Application in environmental monitoring:

Traditional environmental monitoring usually uses point monitoring to estimate the environmental quality of the whole region, which has certain limitations and one sidedness. UAV remote sensing system has the characteristics of wide field of view, timely and continuous, and can quickly find out the current situation of the environment.

2. Application in environmental emergency:

In environmental emergencies, UAV remote sensing system can overcome adverse factors such as adverse traffic and dangerous situation, quickly rush to the airspace where the pollution accident is located, and check the accident site, pollutant discharge and the distribution of sensitive points in the surrounding environment in a three-dimensional manner.

3. Application in ecological protection:

The environmental protection department can use the UAV remote sensing system to obtain the remote sensing images of the area requiring special protection at the same time every year. Through the analysis and comparison of the images year by year, we can clearly understand the dynamic evolution of the plant ecological environment in the area.

4. Role in environmental monitoring:

It can observe the distribution and emission of pollution sources from a macro perspective and provide decision-making for environmental supervision. Through remote sensing monitoring of sewage outlets, it can also track sudden environmental pollution events in real time and quickly, capture illegal pollution sources, and provide timely and efficient services for supervision and law enforcement.

3、 What are the applications of UAV in atmospheric monitoring?

1. Emergency:

After the sudden environmental smoke pollution incident, the environmental protection department can also quickly send “UAVs” to locate and monitor, so as to make accurate and timely emergency treatment decisions for the emergency.

2. Environmental monitoring:

Compared with the traditional smoke monitoring equipment, UAV can launch from a long distance and carry out pollution monitoring silently, which limits the possibility of fraud by enterprises to the greatest extent and reduces the work difficulty of environmental supervisors.

3. Pollution source tracing:

The source of flue gas emission can be traced across provinces. It is difficult to identify the responsibility of cross provincial flue gas emission, and there are many interference factors. We can try to use the multi-directional quantitative analysis data of multiple UAVs to identify the responsibility of pollution source emission.

4. Spatial distribution of pollutants:

UAV can understand the distribution characteristics of air pollutants in detail on a three-dimensional scale, clarify their occurrence mechanism, and provide effective data support and control effect feedback for urban air pollution control.

Environmental protection UAV

4、 Compared with traditional monitoring methods, the advantages of environmental protection UAV are as follows:

Advantage 1: high flexibility. The UAV does not need a pilot and takes off at any time, which is less limited by the site;

Advantage 2: strong mobility. For environmental emergencies, UAV can immediately conduct real-time panoramic monitoring of the accident area;

Advantage 3: wide applicability. It can be used in various environments and occasions such as field and city

Advantage 4: clear image and accurate data. UAVs are mostly low altitude shooting or sensing data, which can generate multispectral and hyperspectral images, which can be intuitive and comprehensive.

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