It is inconvenient to manage because of the large number of people in traditional factories. How to monitor the on-the-job situation and whether the operation is qualified? How can logistics vehicles and storage equipment be quickly dispatched and intelligently counted? How to effectively and safely manage personnel visits? How to technically reduce the probability of safety accidents? How to grasp the emergency situation in the first time and make timely rescue and aftermath? How to respond to market demand to carry out the construction of smart factories?

Four-phase Technology (EHIGH) takes UWB high-precision positioning technology as the core, and combines GIS map technology to provide factory personnel positioning solutions, which can realize hierarchical personnel safety management and control, intelligent management of personnel behavior and authority, and remote monitoring of the job site Visual management of inspection and inspection work, and improve the safety production guarantee system of factories and enterprises.

What functions does the factory personnel positioning system realize?

1. Real-time location management

The factory personnel positioning system provides a variety of real-time dynamic location information of factory personnel and vehicles, and the 2D/3D map can be switched freely;

Efficient 3D engine supports intelligent modeling. By restoring the three-dimensional scene, you can enter each scene with a 360-degree stereo full view, and perform real-time detection of personnel and vehicles, dynamic trajectory tracking and playback in the 3D scene.

1. Intelligent attendance system

Automatically count the working hours and working conditions of regional personnel, and generate attendance reports in association. Its positioning data statistics are mainly based on time benchmarks, personnel benchmarks, and regional benchmarks, which can reasonably arrange the workload of staff, reduce personnel safety risks, better allocate personnel, and improve production efficiency.

2. Intelligent inspection system

The hidden danger investigation is dynamic, intelligent, and standardized, reducing human factors and effectively realizing hierarchical risk management and control.

The inspection route supports the management of information in three dimensions: area, time period, and sequence.

Carry out the inspection work according to the assigned inspection plan, record the location and time of personnel passing by all day long, track and playback the movement route of personnel, and master their detailed activity route and time.

3. Equipment management system

Work order processing flow: docking with the equipment management system, visualizing the location of equipment alarm information, tracking the problem throughout the process, forming a closed loop, and improving execution efficiency;

Equipment alarm and work order processing: When the equipment alarms, the alarm information will be displayed on the corresponding equipment on the map, and the work order will be dispatched at the same time, and the work order will record the processing information in detail to form a closed-loop management;

4. Linkage access control and consumption management system

The factory personnel positioning system pushes the online label list in real time, which can realize comprehensive real-time positioning of workers. The positioning identification cards carried by workers will send location information to the management platform in real time, strengthening the real-time control of the location of personnel in the factory.

The UWB factory personnel positioning system is linked to the access control and consumer systems. If the tag is abnormal or has not been charged for a long time, the tag will not be able to enter the area normally and display the positioning status.

Reviewing editor: Fu Ganjiang

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