Sensors are called the five senses of electronic devices, which play a very important role, but the traditional sensors have limited data processing capacity and can not meet the high data and high computing requirements in many scenarios. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, intelligent sensor has become a new market demand.

Intelligent sensor is a sensor with information processing function. Intelligent sensor with microprocessor has the ability to collect, process and exchange information. It is the product of the combination of sensor integration and microprocessor. Intelligent sensors can store various physical quantities detected and process these data according to instructions, so as to create new data. Intelligent sensors can exchange information, determine the data to be transmitted, discard abnormal data, and complete analysis and statistical calculation.

1、 What are the advantages of smart sensors over traditional sensors?

Compared with general sensors, intelligent sensors have many advantages, such as high-precision information acquisition through software technology, low cost, certain programming automation ability, diversified functions and so on.

The accuracy of the sensor is improved: the intelligent sensor has the function of information processing. The software can not only correct various deterministic system errors, but also appropriately compensate random errors and reduce noise, which greatly improves the accuracy of the sensor.

The reliability of the sensor is improved: the miniaturization of the integrated sensor system eliminates some unreliable factors of the traditional structure and improves the anti-interference performance of the whole system; At the same time, it also has the functions of diagnosis, calibration and data storage (adaptive function for intelligent structure system), and has good stability.

The performance price ratio of the sensor is improved: under the demand of the same accuracy, the performance price ratio of the multi-functional intelligent sensor is significantly improved compared with the ordinary sensor with a single function, especially after using a cheaper single chip microcomputer.

It promotes the multi-function of sensors: intelligent sensors can realize multi-sensor and multi parameter comprehensive measurement, and expand the measurement and application range through programming; It has a certain adaptive ability to change the form of range reverse output data according to the change of detection object or condition; It has the function of digital communication interface and is directly sent to the remote computer for processing; It has a variety of data output forms and is suitable for various application systems.

A good ‘smart sensor’ is a sensor and instrument package driven by microprocessor, and has the functions of communication and on-board diagnosis.

What are the advantages of smart sensors

2、 Main functions of intelligent sensor

1. Self zero calibration, self calibration, self correction, automatic compensation and other functions;

2. Automatic inspection, self selection of measuring range and self fault finding;

4. It can automatically collect data and preprocess the data;

3. It has the functions of judgment and decision-making;

5. It has the functions of data storage, memory and information processing;

6. It has the functions of two-way communication, standardized digital output or symbol output.

3、 Application of intelligent sensor

Intelligent sensors have been widely used in aerospace, aviation, national defense, science and technology, industrial and agricultural production and other fields. For example, it has broad application prospects in the field of robots. Intelligent sensors enable robots to have human like facial features and brain functions, perceive various phenomena and complete various actions.

In industrial production, it is impossible to measure and control some product quality indexes quickly and directly by using traditional sensors. In the medical field, the “glucose watch” with built-in intelligent sensor looks like an ordinary watch. Wearing it can realize pain free, blood free and continuous blood glucose test.

The development of integrated circuit technology promotes the popularization of intelligent sensors, especially the rapid development of integrated intelligent sensor technology. With the rapid development of semiconductor technology, some foreign companies and colleges and universities are vigorously developing the research and development of integrated intelligent sensors. Integrated intelligent sensor technology has made some achievements, but it still takes time to catch up with or even surpass the United States in technology.

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