1、 Overview

The system is specially designed for prisons, detention centers, reeducation through labor centers, compulsory drug treatment centers, nursing homes for people with intellectual disabilities and other fields, and provides products and solutions for personnel and goods identification, roll call, positioning and tracking based on Internet of things RFID technology. Precise positioning is to locate through the original base station. At the same time, it also introduces the secondary positioning concept with less positioning error, which greatly enhances the reliability and implementation of the system.

What are the advantages of RFID electronic wristband positioning

2、 Background

Prisons, detention houses and other places of supervision are an important part of the national machinery and shoulder the important mission of implementing law and discipline, education and reform. At present, China is in a period of social transformation. Due to the increasing number of detainees suspected of economic and violence, there are also many recidivists and recidivists, and the anti reform means of detainees are constantly renovated.

At present, the safety situation of supervision places and detention centers has been grim, and major and malignant supervision safety accidents have occurred from time to time. Since 2009, it can be seen from the public media that there have been hundreds of major malignant supervision accidents in which detainees in supervision places have fled, kidnapped police officers and endangered the personal safety of police officers.

In recent years, the superior leading departments have continuously issued documents requiring careful study of management measures and technical prevention means to ensure the safe and stable operation of supervision places and detention centers, especially the personal safety of police officers.

1. Based on the comprehensive analysis of the causes of supervision accidents, the safety guarantee of supervision sites objectively has the following problems:

① The police force in supervision places is generally insufficient, so it is impossible to fully supervise the supervised objects. Due to the problems accumulated in China’s history, the proportion of police officers in regulatory places is low. For example, for detention centers, the Ministry of Public Security stipulates that 12 police should be equipped for every 100 detainees, but at present, many supervision places do not meet this requirement. However, due to limited conditions, the police force cannot be greatly increased, which limits the configuration of safety precautions in regulatory places.

② The overtime and overpressure work of ordinary police in regulatory places has become the norm. In addition, due to fatigue, negligence and other reasons, it is also easy to lead to non-standard law enforcement, and man-made regulatory security loopholes often appear. The managers of supervision places generally feel that the work intensity is high and the law enforcement risk is high, especially the pressure to ensure safety and stability.

③ There are a large number of security technical means in the supervision places, including video monitoring, infrared, access control, power grid, monitoring and other systems. Due to technology and investment, it is impossible to achieve full regional coverage, and there are a large number of monitoring dead corners. At the same time, the existing security technology is passive, which can not realize the monitoring of individuals. It needs to consume a lot of police force to intervene in the monitoring and conduct manual analysis or management, resulting in small monitoring scope, weak real-time performance and poor accident prevention, which often only plays the role of post analysis.

2. Specific challenges faced by current regulatory site management

① It is impossible to accurately grasp the location and number of detainees in real time, and accurately grasp the number and location of detainees in the supervision place is the primary factor to ensure the safety of the supervision place. The supervision site manager needs to know in real time whether there are any behaviors such as the release of detainees, illegal access to specific areas, illegal access to key facilities, etc. in the area where the pressure personnel are located at any time. At present, the means to confirm the number and location of supervision places are very primitive, which mainly depends on the manual judgment of the discipline police, such as the number of detainees and the manual counting of the number of discipline police. The detainees are constantly moving in different areas, such as from the prison to the factory and the activity site. This requires the police to have a very high sense of responsibility and focus. If the police do not focus a little, they will be easy to fish in troubled waters by the detainees; And there is no way to avoid the concealment and shielding of detainees by individual supervisors. Under the current conditions, it is very troublesome to track when, where and historical activity track of each detainee. For security reasons at night, the police can not enter the cell room. They can’t make an overall roll call only by visual inspection. In addition, the total number of people in the whole supervision place depends on the police to report one by one. The summary is very slow and does not have timeliness.

② It is impossible to strictly identify the identity of detainees without making mistakes. At present, the identity identification of supervision places is still relatively primitive, which mainly depends on the self-reported names of detainees or the identification of correctional police. However, it is difficult to ensure that there are no mistakes in each correctional management of dozens or even hundreds of detainees, because people’s attention cannot be focused for a long time, which is an objective physiological phenomenon

law. The detainees are bald and wearing the same clothes. After a long period of detention, they are very easy to be mistaken. In case of twins with the same name and surname, it will be even more troublesome. There have been some mistakes in individual regulatory places, such as the false release of detainees with the same name and surname, and the false accounting of persons with the same name and surname during consumption.

③ The means of reporting and alarm are not hidden and inconvenient. At present, the alarm mainly depends on the abuse reporting device on the wall of the prison room. However, under special circumstances, detainees dare not publicly press the reporting device; When the detainees are attacked, there may be no way to press the reporting device; If the detainee has a heart attack at night, there may be no way or no time to press the reporting device on the wall. In addition, the lack of a safe and timely reporting means for relevant personnel such as ears and eyes makes it difficult to balance efficiency and protection of ears and eyes.

④ It is difficult to monitor the temporary departure of detainees. Temporary departure, such as medical treatment and identification, is the link with the highest escape probability of detainees. At present, it mainly depends on police force and tools, without other technical means. At the same time, once the detainees leave the detention place, the leaders of the supervision place can only understand the situation through one phone call after another. They often know that the accident has been very passive.

⑤ The efficiency of mobile alarm is not high. According to the work needs, the supervision site needs to know whether the police are on duty and know the location of the police in real time. In case of an emergency, the police can be arranged to deal with it nearby. At present, it can only be found one by one through intercom and video surveillance, which is not efficient enough. At the same time, in case of emergency, the police can only call for help through walkie talkie, lacking a hidden alarm means.

⑥ Temporary staff often encounter the installation and maintenance of equipment or systems when they go in and out of the supervision site without accurate monitoring. They need to be handled by personnel from other units. They go in and out of the supervision site more frequently. At present, the scope of their activities is mainly supervised by the police. If the police fail to supervise in real time, temporary staff may go in and out of the places they should not go in and out. For meetings with lawyers, procuratorates and family members, the management has not been effectively and accurately monitored, and there is no way to judge whether there is a police escort and whether the meeting is overtime.

⑦ Manual bookkeeping is inefficient and error prone. In the process of consumption, manual bookkeeping is often error prone and labor-intensive. The one card for tips was used in some supervision places, but the card was not sent to the detainees for fear of accidents, resulting in the virtual existence of the system.

3. Summary

Therefore, in the very special environment of the supervision place, how to more effectively monitor the supervised individuals and specific areas of individuals through technical means, so as to more accurately and controllably prevent the escape, suicide, sudden death and other accidents of detainees? Is there any reliable technology to improve when there are many video monitoring probes and the monitoring manpower is limited, resulting in monitoring without control? Is there a more advanced, efficient, economical, practical, proactive early warning technology solution focusing on accurate management? What new technical scheme can be adopted to truly build a cost-effective and high comprehensive benefit science and technology strong police project? In the face of the strong and urgent security needs in reality, we must find a satisfactory answer to the above problems. In order to effectively strengthen the safety of the supervision site, it is necessary to achieve full automation, full coverage and active monitoring in terms of security technology, so as to realize the management of individuals. In case of abnormal events, the police can actively alarm at any time, remind the police force to intervene in the analysis and take corresponding measures to completely eliminate the occurrence of major malignant supervision accidents in the supervision site.

4. Construction objectives

Information construction is for business services. Firstly, it should meet the two points of effectiveness and practicality. Secondly, it can not add too much workload to the existing personnel, whether in the process of learning, training or daily use. In addition, considering the special circumstances of the supervision site, it is not allowed to bring any injury or other risks to the police and detainees during construction and actual use!

① Ensure the strict implementation of norms and systems, realize more active and fine management, realize the real-time positioning of all police officers and detainees in all supervised places and even going out, achieve full-automatic, full coverage and active monitoring, and record the relevant tracks. At the same time, by setting relevant alarm rules, alarm prompts are given for some behaviors, such as detainees entering areas that should not be entered, and the police do not patrol according to the specified route. All these systems are automatically recorded, traceable and auditable, so as to ensure that relevant specifications and systems can be strictly implemented. Even through the analysis of individual behavior, we can realize the early warning and alarm of the illegal behavior of police officers and detainees, turn passivity into initiative, so as to prevent the occurrence of major malignant regulatory accidents in the regulatory place, and make the management more active, refined and effective.

② From passive to active security, add hidden active reporting and alarm functions. At the same time, set relevant alarm rules to give alarm prompts for some behaviors, such as detainees entering areas that should not be entered, automatic roll call to find their loss alarm, etc. these alarms can be linked with video to completely solve the problem of supervision without control, and turn passive security to active security.

③ Reducing the burden of the police and asking for police force from science and technology, the information construction is to serve the police, so that the police can put more energy on the supervision work rather than on the information system. Everything in the system is automatically perceived and integrated with the existing security and access control all-in-one card system in the supervision place, so as to truly promote the informatization of the supervision place to intelligence and automation.

5. System advantages

According to the implementation experience, considering the special situation of the regulatory site and that the active radio frequency technology is a relatively new technology, in order to better realize the system, we need to solve the core technical problems such as large-scale data processing. Whether these core technical problems can be solved well directly affects whether the whole software system can achieve the ideal application effect.

① Safety first

Information security is in place. Considering that the regulatory site is sensitive and information security is very important, the whole system adopts special wireless RF protocol and special encryption algorithm to avoid the wireless scheme of WiFi and other general protocols, which greatly reduces the possibility of accessing the internal data network of the regulatory site through the wireless RF communication network.

Safety to human body:

The radio frequency signal receiving base station itself only accepts the signals in this frequency band and does not send any other signals. The impact of the radio frequency signal generated by the positioning tag of the radio frequency electronic wristband on the human body fully complies with the national electromagnetic radiation protection regulations (gb9175-88 and GB8702-88). At the same time, the identity electronic body adopts special anti skin allergy materials and passes the relevant national tests, It ensures that wearing will not cause skin allergy.

② Ensure system reliability

Stability and reliability are the biggest challenges, and frequent false positives and false positives are absolutely not allowed. Base station deployment redundancy is designed to improve reliability. When deploying RF signal receiving base stations, redundancy shall be considered as much as possible to ensure that the signal sent by any RF electronic wristband positioning tag can be received by multiple RF signal receiving base stations at the same time. Thus, in case of failure of individual RF signal receiving base station, it can still ensure that all signals sent by RF electronic wristband tag, such as heartbeat, positioning, alarm and low power signal, can be transmitted reliably. For the roll call and positioning of a large number of personnel, the main communication frequency is not omitted, and the special UHF communication frequency is adopted, which has strong diffraction and penetration ability, so as to ensure that the RF electronic wristband positioning label can be reliably read whether it is placed in any position or direction of the person, or consciously blocked by the detainee. At the same time, we have solved the problems of long-distance, large flow and ultra-low power consumption, and fundamentally improved the performance of the product. Thus, the system can effectively reduce the collision rate of RF positioning signal in the air and greatly reduce the probability of RF signal reception loss under the condition of high-density positioning RF electronic wristband positioning tag aggregation. When a large number of RF electronic wristband tags are gathered, it can reliably receive the signal of each electronic wristband positioning tag, ensure the reliability of key signal transmission such as roll call and alarm of police officers and detainees, and fully meet the key needs of safety in supervision places.

③ Precise positioning

The unique two-level positioning mode greatly enhances the positioning accuracy. The channel management module can accurately judge the access direction, effectively avoid misjudgment and prevent the occurrence of false in and false out. Scientific structural design and one-time plastic packaging are carried out for electronic identity to realize lightning protection, waterproof, mildew proof and impact proof, and meet the requirements of industrial environment. The unique snap design makes the disassembly and assembly very convenient and requires special tools. At the same time, the internal current circuit design of the wrist strap positioning label can ensure that when the identity is damaged (such as cutting, button damage, etc.), the identity can send a signal alarm to the system.

④ High compatibility and scalability

In the future, more applications such as asset management, vehicle management and tool management can be directly and rapidly deployed on the existing platform. Reserve interfaces with security, office, application business and other systems to quickly integrate and form a joint force.

⑤ Integration with other systems

Multi card in one, the system uses RFID RF technology to realize identification, positioning and tracking, so it can be seamlessly integrated with other RFID RF equipment in the supervision place. The RF electronic wristband tag we provide can integrate the frequency band of 13.56M, and can realize the following functions: the electronic identity of detainees can also be integrated with the one card of detainees at the same time, In this way, it can realize the integration of systems such as meeting with relatives of detainees and pocket money consumption, so that detainees can directly use their electronic identity to meet and register and swipe their cards for daily consumption in the supervision place, so as to make the electronic identity a part to be used by detainees in the process of serving their sentences, reduce the resistance of detainees to wear, and prevent detainees from deliberately damaging their electronic identity. The radio frequency positioning identification card of the police can be integrated with the radio frequency systems such as the police all-in-one card access control and patrol inspection to realize the integration of multiple cards. The police can realize other functions such as positioning, patrol inspection and access control only by carrying the radio frequency positioning identification card. It is seamlessly connected with the regulatory business platform. The interface between the system and the regulatory site management information system can provide two-way interfaces for data acquisition and data services in the form of Web services based on SOA architecture according to the specified data interface standards. Interface with various existing regulatory site management information systems in the regulatory site, mainly including obtaining the basic information data such as the name, gender and photos of police officers and detainees associated with radio frequency positioning identification card and electronic identity from the existing regulatory site management information system, and the level treatment of detainees. The information of detainees and policemen can be accessed at any time in this system. The maintenance is convenient. The system shall provide automatic maintenance function for electronic identity and positioning equipment, and provide maintenance functions such as fault detection and software network upgrade for other RF signal receiving base stations, so as to reduce the maintenance cost of the system.

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