At present, the overall environment of the color TV industry is the stock market and the price rise of the panel. The routine of price war for sales is no longer suitable for the present. At the same time, the epidemic situation at the beginning of the year also makes the color TV industry worse. For comprehensive reasons, this year’s color TV industry is full of uncertainty. At the same time, it has become a key year for color TV enterprises to change and break through.

From price war to value war has become the road of transformation and breakthrough for many brands. How to enhance the value of products? Starting from the innovation of display technology, improving the display quality is the most direct and effective way. Currently, the innovative display technologies representing the middle and high end include quantum dots, OLEDs, lasers and mini / micro LEDs.

After years of layout, quantum dots, OLED and laser TV are now in a stage of rapid growth in the market, and they are also the first choice for the high-end market of mainstream color TV brand layout. For example, in the field of quantum dots and OLED, most of the head brands of color TV have launched OLED TV for layout, and laser TV has also ushered in a multi brand layout.

Therefore, the value war led by innovative display technology is brewing and breaking out. In addition to quantum dots, OLEDs and lasers, mini LEDs are emerging as new display technology products this year. Recently, after launching the master series of OLED TV and transparent TV, Xiaomi will launch 5g + 8K Mini LED TV to enter the high-end market.

As an Internet TV brand, Xiaomi’s achievements in the TV industry can be described as terrible. In just a few years, Xiaomi has leaped to the top of the list. At the same time, in order to get rid of the cost-effective label, Xiaomi TV will accelerate into high-end in 2020. The upcoming 5g + 8K Mini LED TV is another acceleration of high-end layout.

What are the advantages of mini LED TV over traditional TV?

With the addition of Xiaomi TV, the popularity of mini LED TV will be accelerated.

What are the advantages of mini LED TV? What are the improvements compared with traditional TV?

Mini LED is a kind of LED technology with new backlight design, which can significantly improve the thickness of backlight display, make it thinner and lighter, and provide the same advantages as OLED screen, including good color gamut, high contrast and dynamic range, as well as HDR capability of local lighting and darkening LED has good application potential and will be the mainstream trend of panel development in the future.

In addition, compared with traditional LCD TV, mini LED is more colorful and excellent in image quality. Because the LCD TV backlight module uses about 50 LEDs, while the mini LED has 10000 to 20000 LEDs, and uses only 100 to 200 micron LEDs. It is the representative of high-end TV, which is light and thin, still has 8K high image quality, high color saturation, low power consumption and less power consumption.

The price is much lower than that of OLED TV. At present, the price of mini LED backlight TV is far lower than that of OLED TV, which is equivalent to the price level of qled backlight LCD TV before the price reduction, which provides space for mini LED backlight TV with relatively low cost. It is reported that Apple’s MacBook and iPad will skip OLED and enter the era of mini led.

Dong min, Deputy Secretary General of China electronic video industry association, also believes that after the development of mini LED backlight technology in recent years, it has a direct competition with OLED in the field of display.

In fact, in the development of mini led, domestic brands should be much more active. Because, from the perspective of various innovative display technologies, only by developing Mini LED can we avoid the direct competition with foreign brands and achieve overtaking at corners. For example, in the field of quantum dots, Samsung owns more than 80% of the market share, and in the field of OLED, only LGD is a large-size panel supplier. In the field of mini led, TCL has become the world’s first mini led mass production brand relying on Huaxing Guangdian, which makes it one of the leading brands in the future development of mini led.

With more and more color TV brands joining in the mini led, mini LED TV will also usher in unprecedented prosperity.

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