During the national fight against the epidemic, electric rice cooker cake is popular all over the world. It is simple to make, with high success rate, oil-free and healthy. It is easy to melt in the mouth. The main materials are flour and eggs. It is sweet, smooth and tender, with golden color. It is a simple and easy to make popular snack. According to Baidu search index, starting from early February, Baidu search volume of “rice cooker cake” showed an obvious upward trend.

The “cooking fever” caused by the epidemic has not only made the home kitchen the “main battlefield” of the people, but also stimulated the demand of the people for some small kitchen appliances. According to the online retail monitoring data of zhongyikang, in the first quarter of 2020, the retail volume of online rice cookers increased by 5.9%, and the retail volume increased by – 10.1%. The market showed a trend of volume increase and volume decrease, and the overall market demand is still increasing. It can be seen that the positive impact of the epidemic on the rice cooker market is not as good as the popular products such as disinfection cabinet and dishwasher, but the overall market performance is relatively stable. After a short downturn, the market is rapidly warming up. It is expected that after the full resumption of work and production, the market will usher in a new wave of small climax.


Affected by the epidemic, people pay more and more attention to healthy life, especially the healthy diet. In addition to reasonable diet, healthy cooking is also an important part of improving diet.

With regard to healthy cooking, electric rice cookers meet the healthy dietary needs of the current people, whether in terms of product configuration or function matching. In terms of product configuration, most rice cookers now use food grade uncoated inner liner, which is non stick in daily use, easy to clean, with high safety and good heat storage capacity. It supports continuous heating of IH fire and makes rice taste more sweet. The inner cover and steam valve of rice cookers are detachable, which is convenient for users to clean and does not leave hygiene dead corner; The sealing ring of the inner cover is mostly made of environment-friendly silica gel, which has stable properties, high temperature resistance, high antibacterial rate, and can be cleaned immediately after flushing. After the high-temperature steam cleaning function is turned on, the product will automatically and safely clean all components at high temperature, so as to ensure that there is no food residue in the steam outlet and pressure valve, which is healthy and bacteriostatic.

In terms of functions, the rice cooker can be said to be a multi-purpose machine, with functions such as steaming rice, boiling soup, steaming fish and cake. In recent years, considering the demand of the elderly for reducing blood sugar and the demand of young users for reducing fat, rice cooker enterprises have launched a variety of products with health functions according to the situation. They are Galanz golden bud King cooker and Gree DASONG golden Kang cooker, which can cook nutritious brown rice in only four hours. They are also Jiuyang steam sweetened rice cooker f-5s, Midea sweetened rice cooker mb-30lh5 and Meide sweetened rice cooker SUPOR low sugar ball kettle rice cooker cfxb30hc37-80. Once listed, it will cause a market explosion. In August 2019 alone, the low sugar penetration rate will quickly reach 3.1%.

In this regard, professionals in the industry said that the rice cooker is a small household appliance with a high frequency of use in kitchen appliances. With the upgrading of consumption and the attention of users to healthy eating, it is expected that the consumption of “health brand” rice cooker will have a greater growth in the next two years, and the market is promising.

Innovation and upgrading

As a traditional cooking appliance, rice cooker is upgrading its product structure in recent years. The new type of rice cooker represented by IH has promoted the development of China’s rice cooker industry, shortened the distance with Japan, South Korea and other advanced countries, and many domestic products have been on the international road. However, after years of popularization, the penetration rate of IH rice cooker has reached a high level, and the industry needs new growth points to detonate the market.

In this context, during the 2009 awe period, Jiuyang steam rice cooker was born, which can be described as a blockbuster. It not only completely subverts the appearance of conventional rice cookers on the market in terms of structure, in order to realize the separation design of external machine and inner tank, but also pioneers the steam heating technology in the industry, abandoning the heating method of the inner tank of conventional rice cookers, and through 120 ℃ steam heating and 360 degree uniform heating without dead angle, the steamed rice is not layered, not pasted, and more fluffy. Not only that, this rice cooker also supports voice interaction. When cooking, users can ask the rice cooker to play music, report the weather forecast or check the menu. This interactive and entertaining product is favored by many users, especially young consumers. At the same time, the industry is also optimistic about the development prospect of steam rice cooker. It is expected that there will be great prospects in the future.

When the time line comes to 2020, in the face of the grim situation of the household appliance industry seriously hit by the epidemic situation, on April 15, Midea low sugar rice cooker, a new product carrying IOT technology, went on the market in a high profile and competed for the market, which was regarded by the industry as “Tesla in the rice cooker”.

After the independent research and development of “Midea decanter IH intelligent rice cooker” in 2015 ended the history of people going to Japan to recite rice cookers, Midea low sugar rice cooker will bring the development of rice cooker technology to a new height again in 2020. It is reported that the new Midea low sugar rice cooker boils in high heat to ensure the taste. The surging sugar reduces the content of reducing sugar by 50%, and steaming at constant temperature increases the content of resistant starch by 23%. At the same time, with the power of IOT technology, the rice cooker can not only realize the full upgrade of low sugar technology, but also realize the data connection of blood glucose meter in the cloud, realize resource sharing, real-time monitoring of blood glucose data, test the monitoring effect, intelligently recommend healthy recipes, realize the complete experience of “hardware + software + content”, so as to create a comprehensive scheme of green diet for consumers.

What are the advantages of Midea low sugar rice cooker

“Midea’s new low sugar rice cooker releases the powerful potential energy of Midea’s aiot.” According to the relevant person in charge of Midea, backed by the aiot ecosystem of Midea Group, the rice cooker is no longer a single kitchen electric product. Through Midea’s IOT technology, all household appliances such as rice cookers, refrigerators and air conditioners can become intelligent household appliances. No matter through Midea’s Mercure app or small voice box, users can enjoy convenience and intelligence as long as they move their fingers.

Industry professionals also analyzed that with the advancement of artificial intelligence and Internet of things technology, rice cookers have transformed into “intelligent devices”, giving citizens a simpler and more interesting way of life in the kitchen. It is believed that in the next 3-5 years, low sugar rice cookers similar to new beauty will gradually enter thousands of households, providing more possibilities for users’ smart kitchen life.

In addition to health, heating technology and aiot intelligent functions, rice cooker brand enterprises can also focus on breakthroughs in small capacity and appearance design, so as to meet the growing demand of single and aging market.

Some industry bigwigs say that “one for one” household appliances are becoming a new favorite of single users’ exquisite life and a new outlet for consumption upgrading. The small volume rice cooker is not only small and beautiful, but also cheap. It has many functions such as cooking and soup making. It is very suitable for single people. For example, on a shopping website, a mini rice cooker (with a capacity of 1.6 liters) sold more than 10000 pieces in September last year alone. It can be seen that small capacity Mini rice cooker is gradually becoming one of the mainstream products in the market.

For domestic rice cooker enterprises, the elderly market is also the key to seize the rice cooker Market. In Japan, in order to meet the needs of the elderly, in recent years, tiger brand, Panasonic and other Japanese rice cooker manufacturers have launched large buttons, large LCD screens and aging rice cookers to make the rice soft and rotten, which greatly meet the healthy diet demands of the elderly.

Similar to neighboring Japan, China’s aging phenomenon is becoming increasingly serious. For the health needs of the elderly, in addition to the layout of sugar free rice cookers, domestic rice cooker enterprises can also learn from Japanese rice cooker enterprises to subdivide their products and deepen their customized functions according to the needs of the elderly.

Generally speaking, at present, the whole environment is faced with consumption upgrading and personalized consumption demand. Only by constantly upgrading products to meet the needs of consumers, can the market have development prospects. As a traditional category of kitchen appliances, rice cookers have to follow the trend, find outlets in consumer demand, focus on healthy, intelligent and personalized development of aiot, and implement differentiated products on user experience. Only in this way can they win the market and break through successfully.

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