Embedded industrial computer, the more fashionable name is box computer or fanless industrial computer, English full name of embedded industrial computer. Generally speaking, embedded industrial computer is a compact computer specially designed for industrial field.

The structure of embedded industrial computer can be divided into five types

What are the advantages of embedded industrial computer

1. Passive backplane

The slot of the passive backplane is composed of multiple slots of ISA and PCI bus. The number and location of ISA or PCI slots can be selected according to the needs. The board is a four layer structure, and the middle two layers are the layer and the power layer respectively. This structure can reduce the mutual interference of logic signals on the board and reduce the power impedance. The bottom board can be inserted with various boards, including CPU card, display card, control card, I / O card, etc.

2. CPU card

IPC CPU card has many kinds, according to the size can be divided into long card and half long card, according to the processor can be divided into 386, 486, 586, PII, PIII motherboard, users can choose according to their own needs. Its main features are: working temperature 0-60 ℃; Equipped with “watchdog” timer; Low power consumption, up to 5V / 2.5A.

3. Industrial power supply

It is an at switching power supply with a mean time between failures of 250000 hours.

4. All steel case

IPC’s all steel chassis is designed according to the standard, anti shock, anti vibration, anti electromagnetic interference, the interior can be installed with PC bus compatible passive backplane.

5. Other accessories:

Other parts of IPC are basically compatible with PC, mainly including CPU, memory, graphics card, hard disk, floppy drive, keyboard, mouse, optical drive, display, etc.


1. The product has good function adaptability, almost completely matches the function of the controlled object under test, and has certain expansibility, but it does not take expansion as the main purpose, so the product has high cost performance.

2. Miniaturization of equipment is one of the main forms, which is reflected in the compact design. There is no standard for structural design. The reasonable use of external interface and installation space should be fully considered.

3. High reliability is required. On the basis of meeting the reliability design of electrical function, the reliability design contents such as heat dissipation design, electromagnetic compatibility design, dust-proof and waterproof design, anti vibration design, etc. should be seriously considered.

Source: China electronic network

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