Compared with Windows system, Linux system has better stability. Besides, what are the advantages (or disadvantages) of Linux system? This section takes you through the details.

Advantages of Linux

1) Lots of available and free software

Linux system has a large number of available software, and most of them are free, such as the famous Apache, samba, PHP, MySQL and so on. The low construction cost is one of the reasons why Linux is favored by many enterprises. Of course, this is inseparable from the excellent performance of Linux, otherwise, cost saving is meaningless.

But it’s undeniable that compared with windows, Linux’s software in office applications and games and entertainment is still very scarce. So, even if you play games and watch movies, you also use windows. As for Linux, you can use it in the server field that you are good at.

2) Good portability and flexibility

Linux system has good portability. It supports almost all CPU platforms, which makes it easy to cut and customize. We can put Linux in U disk, CD-ROM and other storage media, and can also be widely used in the embedded field.

If readers want to experience Linux system without installation, they can download a live DVD version of Linux image on the Internet, carve it into a CD-ROM and put it into the CD-ROM drive, or load the image file directly with the virtual machine software, set CMOS / BIOS as the CD-ROM boot, and the system will automatically load the CD-ROM file and boot into the Linux system.

3) Excellent stability and safety

Eric Raymond, the famous hacker( EricS.Raymond )There is a famous saying: “enough eyes can make all problems emerge.”. For example, if the author is in a speech, there are a lot of people under the stage, and Mingge is not careful when he has lunch, and a few grains of rice stick to his collar, it will be found every minute, because there are too many people watching; if there are two or three people under the stage and they are far away, even if Mingge has a big oil stain on his collar, he will not be found.

Linux open source code, all the code on the Internet, programmers all over the world can see, what defects and vulnerabilities, will soon be found, so as to achieve its stability and security.

When it comes to the security of Linux, we can do an experiment: on a computer, after installing the windows system, do not install anti-virus software to connect the network for one month to see what will happen; similarly, after installing the Linux system, do not install anti-virus software to connect the network for one month, let’s compare, we will understand what is the security of Linux. Windows system does not install antivirus software, I believe we all know what will happen

4) Support almost all network protocols and development languages

I am often asked by my budding friends whether Linux does not support TCP / IP protocol well, and whether the java development environment does not work well. As mentioned in the development history of UNIX, UNIX system is developed with C language and TCP / IP protocol, while Linux is a kind of UNIX. C language has derived the mainstream languages such as PHP, Java and C + +. Which network protocol has nothing to do with TCP / IP? Therefore, Linux supports network protocol and development language very well.

Disadvantages of Linux

To be sure, Linux can not be without shortcomings, such as desktop applications need to be improved, unified Linux standards need to be promoted, and the profit model and development of open source software need to be tested.


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