1. Dual machine automatic tracking: intelligent video monitoring equipment, analysis camera and ordinary fast ball can be applied to urban alarm emergency plan. Object tracking for emergencies.

2. People flow statistics: statistics the number of people in and out of the selected area, which is applied to the analysis and statistics of customer flow in supermarkets and shopping malls to help businesses formulate corresponding sales strategies. It is applied to scenic spots and subway entrances to provide flow data for personnel control.

3. Crossing the warning area: detect the perimeter by setting a virtual fence. When a suspicious person or object is found to cross the fence, an alarm is triggered and the alarm signal is uploaded to the monitoring and management center. At the same time, the alarm screen can be uploaded to the remote monitoring user through the network. It is applied to traffic roads, pedestrian crossings or zebra crossings, fences in key areas of the plant, fences in schools and detention centers, etc.

4. Loss analysis: draw an area where important items are placed on the monitoring screen of the video monitoring equipment as the warning area. As long as the item leaves the warning area, the alarm rule will be triggered immediately. It is used in key protected areas, such as museums, exhibition halls, auctions, gold and silver stores, etc.

What are some applications of intelligent video surveillance equipment

5. Direction analysis: in actual monitoring, people may be concerned about the direction of people flow and the movement direction of traffic flow. Through direction identification, we can judge whether the target is moving or driving illegally. If there is reverse behavior, the target will be locked automatically and give an alarm at the same time. Applied to one-way roads; Important entrances and exits, etc.

6. Intelligent tracking: lock the suspicious person or object, record the moving track of the target, and the video monitoring equipment will follow the target and give an alarm. It is used in high-grade residential areas, personnel forbidden areas, confidential areas, important protected areas, etc. It can also be used to analyze the track of the case playback process after the crime, so as to solve the case quickly.

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