What is a connector? The English name of connector, also known as connector, plug and socket, is a bridge for transmitting signals and connecting current in electronic equipment. It is widely used in daily life and is an indispensable component in electronic equipment. What are the common connectors and how are they classified? Next, I’ll give you a brief introduction.

Common types of connectors

By purpose

It can be divided into mobile phone connector, power connector, high-voltage connector, automobile connector, aviation connector, high-speed signal connector, optical fiber connector, etc.

By shape

It can be divided into circular connector, rectangular connector, strip connector and D-type connector.

By structure

It can be threaded connector, straight in connector, pin connector, push-pull connector and bayonet connector.

The types of connectors are introduced here. I hope it will be helpful to you.

(this paper comprehensively collates from Dianfeng optimization, Baidu know and Shenzhen Shunhai Technology)

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