Cross-border financial blockchain service platform, charitable donation management traceability platform, epidemic prevention material information service platform… During the fight against the epidemic, blockchain technology is being implemented in small and micro enterprise financing, charitable donations and other scenarios. Industry insiders said that in addition, blockchain technology can also play an important role in the tracking of personnel flow information and community governance.

Under the epidemic, the implementation of blockchain financial application scenarios will help alleviate the financing problems of small and micro enterprises. Earlier, Xuan Changneng, deputy director of the foreign exchange bureau, disclosed at a press conference that during the Spring Festival, the cross-border financial blockchain service platform financing and lending amounted to more than 200 million US dollars. "Especially when Hubei was included in the platform pilot scope in January this year, foreign-related enterprises within Hubei's jurisdiction, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, will also enjoy more favorable conditions in terms of financial credit support such as export trade financing." Xuan Changneng said.

In fact, from charitable donations to material information services, to real estate business handling and other daily needs of residents, many blockchain applications have begun to play a role. A few days ago, China Xiong'an Group launched a charitable donation management traceability platform, which uses blockchain technology to trace and manage the donation materials and donation funds of various social organizations. On the other hand, Alipay has launched an information service platform for anti-epidemic materials, which reviews the information on the demand, supply, transportation and other links of materials, and uploads the certificate on the chain.

In addition, the upgraded version of Beijing's real estate registration information platform based on blockchain technology was also officially launched in early February. Many businesses do not need to go to the real estate registration hall for processing, reducing unnecessary travel for residents during the epidemic.

Cao Shengxi, an associate researcher at the International Monetary Institute of Renmin University of China, told the "Economic Information Daily" reporter that the advantage of the blockchain is that the information on the chain cannot be tampered with. On the other hand, blockchain technology is also promising.

However, at present, the society has not yet formed an ecology that relies on the blockchain, and the background technology system is not fully mature. "Cao Shengxi said that how to give all parties the motivation to participate in the blockchain system is the next step to think about.

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