In recent years, TWS technology has been widely used in the field of Bluetooth headset. The left and right earplugs of TWS headset can work independently without cable connection, and they can also connect with each other to achieve stereo effect. With the technology becoming more and more mature, all kinds of true wireless Bluetooth headsets, including South card, have entered the market one after another. Thanks to the manufacturing cost of domestic products, they generally have high cost performance, which has contributed to the popularization of true wireless Bluetooth headsets.

Nineka South card N2, as a product for the mass market, has received a lot of hot reviews since it was quietly put on the shelves this year, and these reviews have also given other consumers a sense of the product situation in advance, but there are different opinions. Today, I’d like to actually feel what nineka South card N2 is like.

What about nineka South card N2 Bluetooth headset

The first is to open the box. The box of South card N2 adopts the design of pulling and opening, and the color is also divided into orange and blue. Such design and color matching give people a strong sense of vision and a bright feeling. The front is marked with the words “South card” and outlines the general shape of N2 with lines. This way of color matching and product display really makes people reluctant to throw away the box.

The content on the back is the same as that of most products. It is introduced to the products and manufacturers. In order to prevent slipping, there is a plastic seal on the back of the box.

Life needs a sense of ritual, so is unpacking. Slowly pull out the box and you will see nineka South card N2 Bluetooth headset with half covered pipa

This evaluation is about rose gold color matching products, which occupy the largest and most comfortable space in the box, and the lower part is the accessory box.

The accessory box is another way to open. It is opened. The picture shows the accessory earplug and data cable.

Open the box, family photo, earphone charging bin, earphone (in the earphone cabin), manual, one type-C data cable, three pairs of earplugs of different sizes.

After taking out the charging bin, we can see that there is a sign with the word “nineka” at the bottom of the charging bin, which will give a flashing light prompt when charging. It is worth mentioning that the charging chamber of this nineka South card N2 Bluetooth headset adopts rose gold color, square design, and no laser text Icon on it, which makes it more concise.

On the front of the pull-out, there is a black background with nineka characters written in the middle. In practical use, these characters will light up and act as a warning light for the charging bin.

At the bottom is the basic information of the battery. The charging chamber uses 3000mAh capacity to input 5v-1a and output 5v-1a.

As the charging position of the charging chamber is on the left side, the type-C interface is used. At present, it is rare for Bluetooth headset to use the type-C interface, but it is really convenient. When I got it for the first time, I mistakenly took the small origin on the side as a button, and I was still thinking about how this button could not be pressed down. In fact, the charging chamber is of pull-out type, and the one mistakenly regarded as a button may be a slide rail or a magnet, because the fastening method is magnetic attraction.

On the right side of the charging port is a USB interface, which is a major feature of nineka South card N2 Bluetooth headset. It supports reverse charging. It can be used as an emergency power bank. Besides charging the headset, it can also take into account the power of mobile phones and other products. The 3000 Ma super large battery capacity can charge the headset 24 times, bringing 120 hours of long-term endurance.

The earphone is fixed in a fixed position in the warehouse by magnetic suction, and the wearing direction is specially marked with “L” and “R” beside the earphone. The font is relatively large, so it is very easy to distinguish, so as to prevent the embarrassment of not fitting when it is brought to the ear.

Nineka South card N2 Bluetooth headset weighs 4G, which is similar to the weight of a piece of paper. It’s very light and small, which makes people very surprised. Because light weight can reduce a lot of pressure on the ear, it is also more comfortable to wear than other relatively heavy headphones.

The front of the earphone is bright black color, and the earphone hole is set eccentrically, which is more ergonomic, that is, it is more comfortable to wear. The two charging electric shocks of the earphone are also inside the earphone, which can be well covered after wearing the earphone.

Because of the relationship between the ear canal, I use the medium ear cap, which is very soft and comfortable to wear, without the feeling of swelling and pain. No matter what kind of earphone is, you should choose the appropriate size according to your actual situation.

There is a circle of white indicator light on the front, which looks very cool when it lights up.

Nineka South card N2 Bluetooth headset can be used for conversation and chat. Of course, there is no need for a microphone. The microphone is on the side of the headset and uses a small Sequin made of stainless steel. What’s more interesting is that along with the microphone, there are dotted “L” and “R” marks, which are relatively small, but very delicate at that time.

Nineka South card N2 Bluetooth headset adopts Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which can maintain a very smooth and stable connection within 15 meters. The author also tried to connect in running, bus and other scenes, but there was no disconnection. In addition to the need to match the headset with the mobile phone for the first time, the Bluetooth headset will have the automatic memory function after that. As long as you pick it up from the charging bin, you can carry out intelligent pairing and connect the mobile phone automatically, which is very convenient.

You may find that this headset has no buttons at all. Yes, nineka South card N2 Bluetooth headset uses intelligent touch buttons. You can switch, switch songs, answer or hang up the phone with a touch. Compared with traditional buttons, the biggest advantage of touch buttons is to make the overall design more harmonious and concise. When designing the touch function, we also consider the actual feelings of most people. The corresponding functions of the buttons are as follows:

Of course, because there are no physical buttons on the whole headset body, many unnecessary openings will be reduced. In addition, after a number of rigorous process design, the nineka South card N2 Bluetooth headset can reach the level of 6-level deep waterproof, which is completely free from problems in running and can continue to swim.

Due to the use of type-C interface, although it has a capacity of 3000 Ma, the charging speed is also very fast. In the actual test, using the power bank for charging, it can be fully charged in about 1.5 hours.

The mobile power function of the charging bin can be used for emergency when you go out, which is very convenient. It’s a must for short distance travel. From then on, you don’t have to take many boxes when you go out.

In the actual test, I also tested a cool function, that is, press three times to open the voice assistant. Because my phone is Xiaomi, what I wake up is Xiaoai. If it’s apple, what I wake up is Siri. When I walk, I tap three times and start to give instructions to my phone, which is very cool and convenient.

And in practical use, not only two headphones can be connected to the same mobile phone to achieve the effect of stereo sound, but also two headphones can be connected to different mobile phones for use. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anyone to use with me.

Finally, the performance of sound quality, which has a certain subjectivity, because different people feel different about sound. I only represent my own experience in actual use. For the bass part, I’m still used to choosing “drum poem” because if I listen carefully, I can hear a lot of different things. Nineka South card N2 Bluetooth headset has a good bass dive, and the drum is very rich. When I choose the treble, I choose Cai Qin’s “ferry”, and the sound is delicate, without breaking sound. The voice is very clear, For the earphone with a price of 399 yuan, the sound quality is good.

To sum up, nineka South card N2 Bluetooth headset is very fashionable in appearance and novel in design, while the light body gives the ear a good impression and does not cause too much pressure on the ear. Nineka South card N2 Bluetooth headset adopts cinema level hifi experience, which also makes the sound quality of the headset good. In fact, it is very novel, with avant-garde type-C charging interface and logo indicator light, It’s different. In addition, there are few similar products with ultra long battery life and reverse charging, so we won’t have battery anxiety when we go out, and the price of 399 yuan is worth a try.

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