Although they are all under the slogan of combining technology and fashion, whether it is a smart watch or a smart bracelet, the design of many wearable devices has still not solved the problem of "users are willing to insist on wearing it". Today, MIT has gone a little bolder in fashion. After conducting in-depth research on the interaction between tattoos and machines, they combined the popular gold foil tattoo stickers with technology and launched a variety of tattoo stickers DuoSkin with practical functions. .

DuoSkin is a one-time tattoo sticker developed by MIT Labs and Microsoft Research. Unlike traditional tattoos, these tattoo stickers are mainly made of gold foil material (the kind of gold foil on our common picture frames or chocolate wrappers) , and it is attached to the skin. When you don't like it, you can wash it off or change the pattern.

However, they are not the same as the gold foil tattoo stickers seen in fashion magazines. With such a tattoo, you can control computers, smartphones, and other internet-connected devices by fiddling with the tattoo.

Since gold foil can be used as a conductor and combined circuit, there are several ways to play after making a tattoo:

1. As an input device, it is somewhat similar to a computer touchpad. After connecting the tattoo to a computer or smartphone, you can control the app by simply swiping your finger over the tattoo. When listening to songs or reading e-book pages, just flip the tattoo.

2. Used to display information. For example, it can change colors based on a person's body temperature or mood. MIT even developed an interactive application "Couple Harmony" for couples. When the male (female) friend starts to get angry, the red LED light in the tattoo will light up to warn. In this way, everyone can understand each other's emotions in advance before they go crazy, and they won't "step on thunder" for no reason.

3. The third is a slightly more advanced version, that is, a tattoo with an NFC chip built in. You can use it for data transfer. For example, the transmission of skin quality information, or the transmission of electronic coupons in mobile phones to tattoos.

According to the researchers, each DuoSkin tattoo can be built with an NFC chip, a thermochromic display device and some small LED lights. So a tattoo can have the above three functions at the same time.

Unexpectedly, Beyonce's same tattoo stickers, which are sought after by many girls, will become so technologically advanced in addition to being fashionable.


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