Western data (WD) launched the first embedded EMMC storage device for industrial and Internet of things applications – inand IX em132 drive. BGA packaging scheme conforming to industry standards is adopted, and the size is 11.5 × thirteen × 1mm, providing a variety of capacities from 16GB to 256gb.

Western data inand IX em132 is based on Western data 64 layer bics3 3D TLC NAND flash memory, with a reading speed of up to 310 MB / s, supplemented by various functions specially designed for embedded, commercial, industrial and other purposes, so as to improve the overall reliability and durability. This embedded flash drive adopts Western Digital’s own master control scheme and supports EMMC 5.1 hs400 interface and advanced ECC error correction, wear equalization, bad block management and replay protection memory block (RPMB).

Western Digital launches industrial embedded EMMC solid state drive

EMMC drive also supports intelligent partitions, with multiple partitions with different functions and purposes, providing more flexibility for equipment manufacturers; Automatic / manual data refresh, automatically rewriting all information to ensure that rarely accessed data can be accessed normally when necessary. Customers also expect this EMMC drive to be equipped with the management and monitoring interfaces common to modern solid state drives.

In terms of performance, the sequential read of EMMC drive can reach 310 MB / s, the maximum continuous write is 150 MB / s, and the maximum random read and write is 20 / 12.5k IOPs. The nominal durability of Western Digital is 693tbw, but the writing capacity of high-capacity version may be greater.

Western Digital also provides commercial, industrial wide and industrial extended versions of inand IX em132 EMMC drives. The difference is that the operating temperature range of the industrial version is from – 25 ° C to 85 ° C, while the extended version can withstand extreme operating environments from – 40 ° C to 85 ° C.

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