Whether it is HDD Hard Disk or SSD hard disk, the blue disk series of crazy magic Western Digital is a good choice. Yesterday, Western Digital launched an upgraded version of SN500 blue disk – sn550 Series Blue disk SSD, which is officially on sale today. 250GB, 500GB and 1TB are priced at 299, 469 and 829 yuan respectively.

The blue disk of sn550 series is mainly to upgrade the new self-developed main control chip and flash memory, improve the heat dissipation design, the maximum 1TB capacity, double the PCIe channel, etc.

According to official information, sn550 has been upgraded from 64 layer 3D TLC flash memory of SN500 to 96 layer 3D TLC flash memory. At the same time, Western Digital self-developed new main control is replaced. PCIe 3.0 channel is increased from X2 to x4, and the main control is separated from flash memory, which improves heat dissipation efficiency.

Thanks to the upgrading of master control, flash memory and PCIe channel, the performance of sn550 blue disk has been greatly improved. The maximum continuous reading speed has increased from 1700mb / s of SN500 to 2400mb / s, the maximum continuous writing speed has increased to 1950mb / S (1TB version), and the 500GB version has also increased from 1450mb / s to 1750mb / s. however, the writing speed of 250GB version has decreased from 1300mb / s to 950mb / s.

Sn550 Series Blue disk SSDs are also officially scheduled today. 250GB, 500GB and 1TB are priced at 299, 469 and 829 yuan respectively. Compared with the 250GB and 500GB versions of SN500 series, the prices of 359 and 529 yuan are lower. Generally speaking, the cost performance is increased.

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