With the higher and higher quality of video recording, users' requirements for removable storage devices not only increase in capacity, but also in interface transmission speed requirements. Therefore, SD Card Association (SD AssociaTIon) officially launched the SVP Verification Program (SD Express/UHS-II VerificaTIon Program) recently, and Phison (8299TT) SD Express storage solution became the first company in the world to pass SVP Verified product.


Consumers who are more familiar with SD Card products may know that the speed indicated by the SD Logo is generally declared with the "minimum writing speed" guarantee. Not high, you only need to be able to roughly pre-read and confirm that the photo or video file data is correct, and the rest of the more sophisticated editing or modification will be moved to the PC for execution. However, after entering the high-speed mobile storage generation, it is very likely that due to the system compatibility problems derived from high-speed transmission, it will lead to a bad user experience, such as SD card operation slowdown, or card authentication failure and other problems. As a result, SD Card Association officially launched the SVP program (SD Express/UHS-II VerificaTIon Program, link for instructions) at the end of 2021, becoming the leading notary unit for the verification of compatibility between the host system and the SD memory card manufacturer, and has a positive impact on the product ecosystem. The development of the department will be of positive help.

Pan Jiancheng, CEO of Phison Electronics, said that Phison is a director of SD Association and has been assisting SD Association to promote the latest SD specifications and technologies around the world for a long time. When the trend of high-speed mobile storage devices takes off, the SD Association launches the SVP certification program, which will not only help reduce the compatibility problems between system integrators and SD memory card designers, but also promote the adoption of the latest SD card specifications. universal. As the world's leading supplier of SD card controller chips, Phison will spare no effort to support the SD Association's SVP certification mechanism, and work with Phison's global brand customer partners to launch the latest SD Express storage solution that meets SVP certification.

Phison will hold an online seminar in Taiwan with SD Association at 2:00 pm on 1/13 to share related products and technologies of SVP certification. Welcome to register.

Registration URL: https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8815038027407219982__;! ! I5Gwj2z8! y0PsUItnItC8Z-sGBEhJwdmy32IElM2F7bFYW2hHQpvulRayAhb85v49gKm_3vND$

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