On September 15, Weima automobile, a new force of Chinese car making, released the AVP self parking technology jointly developed by Weima automobile and Baidu at the “2020 Baidu World Congress”, and unveiled the first new mass production vehicle equipped with AVP self parking technology, becoming the world’s fastest landing and fastest mass production L4 level automatic driving technology brand.

AVP independent parking technology is jointly developed by Weima automobile and its ally Baidu Apollo. It is committed to realizing highly intelligent and unmanned parking scene through L4 level unmanned driving technology and real-time big data, and creating the ultimate solution of “last mile problem”.

Shen Hui, founder, chairman and CEO of Weima, said: “as an important part of ideal4’s new technology strategy, AVP’s autonomous parking technology fully implements Weima’s idea of intelligent travel service ecology of” people car environment “integration, and also shows Weima’s technical strength. Weima will continue to apply the most cutting-edge technology to the market, so that every Chinese family can have their own intelligent travel life. “

Weima’s AVP autonomous parking technology can be realized, relying on the whole car’s 5 cameras + 12 ultrasonic radar scheme. At the same time, baidu Apollo’s world-class algorithm has played a key role. It is the only “software hardware integration, AI production platform” in China, which can output more than 240 AI items. At the same time, this set of algorithm also has strong computing power – the industry’s first AVP dedicated on-board computing platform, full deployment of AUTOSAR, hardware safety island design to achieve the highest level of functional safety (asil-d), so as to ensure the safety of vehicle automatic driving.

In the future, AVP autonomous parking technology can be connected through intelligent cloud to create a complete automatic driving ecology of parking lot. In this ecosystem, more value-added services can be implemented, such as automatic charging of electric vehicles, unmanned car washing, unmanned express delivery and so on.

According to the L2-L4 level automatic driving path planning of Weima automobile, at present, all models of Weima automobile are equipped with the most complete L2 level intelligent driving assistance system at the same level. At the same time, Weima automobile will adopt the strategy of “dimension reduction”, gradually decentralize the L4 level automatic driving technology, promote the front loading mass production of advanced automatic driving functions and scenes, and gradually grow the L2 + level automatic driving into L4 level, so that the mainstream market users can quickly access the mass production application of forward-looking technology.

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