(June 29, 2022, Beijing) Beijing Huada Jiutian Technology Co., Ltd., a leading domestic EDA company, recently announced that OmniVision, a world-leading Chinese semiconductor design company and a well-known provider of power management chips and discrete devices in the industry – Shanghai Weir Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Will Shares") has adopted the Empyrean Polas® tool of Huada Jiutian as its reliability analysis solution to maximize the design reliability and design rationality of discrete devices and power chips .
Empyrean Polas® is a reliability and design rationale analysis tool for IC layout design and discrete device layout design. It can combine PCB and package design to form a complete system analysis solution.
In power management chip design, engineers can use Empyrean Polas® to perform Power MOS on-resistance Rdson (including Inter-connection, PCB and Package) analysis, EM/IR-drop analysis of conduction paths, MOSFET turn-on signal delay and signal integrity Performance analysis, etc., to conduct a comprehensive performance reliability check on the core components of the chip. In addition, the use of Empyrean Polas® for chip PDN network, critical path network resistance, and EM/IR-drop analysis can further guide optimal design.
"As the design complexity increases, the Power design scenarios also tend to be more complex. In addition to single tubes, different types of multi-tube series connections have also become part of the design. BGI Jiutian's Polas tool is suitable for Rdson and EM of complex designs such as multi-tube series connections. The analysis has a very good guiding role. From Rdson's net-level result display and EM analysis display PAD current and net-level EM/IR-drop display, it can help us explore connection problems, PAD distribution problems and reliability problems, and can reduce redundancy under the premise of ensuring reliability, guide the optimization of layout, and reduce chip area.” Lin Jianhui, R&D director of OmniVision Analog Integrated Circuit (Beijing) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Weir Co., Ltd. Polas's performance in power management chip design is affirmed.

In discrete device design, Empyrean Polas® can calculate the on-resistance Rdson of discrete devices under various process scenarios, analyze the reliability analysis and rationality of conductor layer, PCB and Package design, and guide device and layout design, testing and packaging solutions Wait.
When reviewing the exploration and cooperation between the two parties, Dong Jianxin, the MOS device design manager of Weir, said, "In the traditional discrete device design process, the on-resistance under different process parameters, the reliability of the chip, and the production of the measurement pin card are all processed by Continuous tape-out, production of multiple versions of pin cards and testing are completed. The research and development cycle is long and the cost is high. Due to the differences of wafers and tests, the desired conclusions are often not obtained. Through cooperation with Huada Jiutian, For the first time, we innovatively introduced reliability and design rationality tools into the discrete design. Starting from the layout in the design stage, we simulated the on-resistance of the entire chip under various process parameters, improved the reliability scheme and different test pin cards. The expected test results below. According to this scheme, the parameter adaptation of dozens of products has been completed, and the error with the test data is mostly within 3%, and the overall is within 5%. At present, this scheme has been introduced into the main process of design, reducing research and development. The number of times of tape-out and pin card production in the stage can shorten the R&D cycle and reduce the R&D cost.”
Ji Gang, director and senior vice president of Weir, said, "As a leading international semiconductor company, Weil improves the quality of life through environmentally friendly and easy-to-use products. With a proprietary innovative and open concept, it focuses on independent research and development, and has a strong focus on mobile phones. , computer, TV, communication, security, vehicle, wearable, medical and other fields. Adhering to the simple and practical style, Empyrean Polas® fits well with Weil's needs, solves our design pain points, saves R&D and While reducing production costs, it helps Weir products to be introduced to the market faster and more safely. Weil and Huada Jiutian have achieved the long-awaited win-win cooperation.”
Lu Taotao, deputy general manager of Huada Jiutian, said, "Empyrean Polas® is a unique solution in Huada Jiutian's analog circuit design product line. We are very honored to be recognized by Weir. Our running-in process has brought together the team of both parties. Excellent analog design engineers and software development engineers, combined with Weir's design pain points and BGI Jiutian's technical features, we creatively customized a set of exclusive solutions for Weir to accelerate Weir product iteration and reduce Weir product costs, as well as More possibilities for Polas have been tapped. BGI looks forward to helping Weir succeed in more fields.”

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