WEDC recently launched surface mount data storage devices, which are designed to be used in harsh and embedded environments in national defense and aviation. The product is available in 1, 2 and 4 GB capacity densities in a 22mm x 27mm plastic ball grid array (PBGA) package and supports a variety of PATA interface protocols. The product provides highly reliable and high-density data storage for embedded computing, and is used in aircraft, communication and missile.

WEDC promotes surface mount data storage devices, which are used in national defense, aviation and other environments

SSD architecture uses 32-bit RISC processor as its core storage controller, which provides all important flash management technologies for highly reliable solutions. Wear resistance and error correction technology can extend the service life of hard disk. The device can provide data protection in case of sudden power loss or interference, and can be operated on single 5V or 3V power supply. The device adopts single stage cell (SLC) NAND based storage technology, which provides higher performance than many other embedded SSDs produced in the general market. The write and erase cycles of SLC based flash memory solutions are about 10 times faster than those of MLC based flash memory devices, which further extends the disk life.

PBGA package adopts 1.27mm spacing and eutectic Sn Pb solder ball to extend the device life in harsh environment. The device supports ATA / PCMCIA 2.1, compact flash 3.0 and 4.0 compatible interfaces. In addition, compared with the same discrete design, PBGA package saves 150mm2 circuit board space.

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