Google’s smart watch operating system wear OS is about to usher in version “H”, which will be released in the next few months and a series of updates will be made.

Wear OS “H” focuses on optimizing the endurance of the watch and adds a new power-saving mode. Limited by the volume of the watch, the unavoidable problem of the smart watch is its short endurance. The power saving mode provided by system “H” is the same as that preset by watches using Xiaolong wear 3100 processor. When the power is less than 10%, it will automatically enter the power saving mode and only display the time. This can prolong the service life of the battery.

In addition, when it is detected that the user takes off the watch and there is no activity for more than 30 minutes, the watch will enter a deep sleep state, effectively reducing unnecessary programs running in the background to save power.

In terms of function, wear OS “H” has added the power menu, and the user will call out the “shutdown” or “restart” menu by long pressing the device power button. Wear OS “H” will also add the “smart app resume” function. When users reopen the closed application, they can continue the previous page.

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