Recently, IDC released the latest statistical report on wearable devices. According to the report, the apple watch is often criticized by the industry, but it is still the most popular wearable device among users.

Apple watch remains the most popular wearable device

Specifically, apple shipped 4.7 million wearable devices in Q2, an annual increase of 38.4%. Xiaomi followed closely, with a shipment of 4.2 million in Q2, a difference of only 500000 from apple. It has to be said that Apple’s position in the wearable device market is at stake. I wonder whether the upcoming new generation of Apple watch can help Apple open the gap with its rivals.

IDC releases Q2 wearable device statistics report

Fitbit ranks third, with a shipment volume of 2.7 million in Q2, which is quite different from the top two. Huawei and Garmin rank fourth and fifth respectively, but Huawei’s growth momentum is obviously the highest in the list.

In addition, the report points out that the demand for cheap and simple smart bracelets in European and American markets has declined significantly, while smart watches are becoming more and more popular. It is worth mentioning that in order to save its own sales, Fitbit also launched the versa smart watch. Judging from the final result, this measure is obviously very wise.

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