Recently, qinheng microelectronics signed a cooperation agreement with RT thread on the construction of risc-v development and application ecosystem. The two sides will work closely to build risc-v development and application ecosystem based on qinheng risc-v MCU and RT thread Internet of things operating system.

RT thread is a technical platform integrating real-time operating system (RTOS) kernel, middleware components and developer community. It adopts Apache 2.0 open source protocol. After 15 years of cumulative development, RT thread is widely used in many industries such as smart home, security, industrial vehicle, wearable, smart city and so on. Its installed capacity exceeds 1 billion units. It is mature The reliability has been fully verified, with rich middleware and perfect documents, and an active developer community.

Qinheng microelectronics has been deeply cultivated for many years in one core and three interfaces, namely USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth and MCU core. In 2017, we began to pay attention to and study risc-v open source instruction set, and launched a series of self-developed risc-v kernel MCU + products in combination with characteristic professional interfaces, which were put into commercial use in large quantities.

Based on the cooperation between the two sides, RT thread studio will support qinheng risc-v Series MCU and the RT thread project to create qinheng risc-v Series MCU with one click, providing developers with a complete development ecology and a more friendly development experience. At the same time, the two sides will carry out all-round cooperation in developer communities and university plans to actively promote the development of risc-v application ecology.

The cooperation between the two sides will provide a strong boost to the development of developers and risc-v application ecology.


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