With the rapid development of power electronics, product R & D has higher requirements for power supply AC power supply, that is, programmable AC power supply with the advantages of high precision, programmability and wide range. This paper briefly introduces the waveform editing function and typical application of PWR Series High-Performance programmable AC power supply.

The biggest feature of the programmable power supply is that it has the waveform editing function, which can be edited through the upper computer or the fuselage operation panel to set the custom output waveform, such as setting to output 220V sine wave for 1s, and then output 110V square wave for 1s. PWR Series High-Performance programmable AC power supply has powerful and rich waveform editing functions, mainly including waveform library call, line simulation, step function (step), sequence function (list), voltage output conforming to IEC standard, waveform import and restore output, etc. At the same time, the upper computer software PWR controller is equipped as standard, which is convenient to edit the waveform and operate and control the programmable AC power supply through the upper computer.

Waveform editing function and typical application of PWR series high performance programmable AC power supply

First, the common function is to call the waveform library. The waveform library can store up to 30 groups of waveforms, and each waveform is assigned an ID to facilitate waveform identification. Among them, 1-10 waveforms are the preset waveforms of the system, which supports direct call, editing and output; 11-30 is used to store user-defined waveforms. After storage, it supports direct call and output.

Step function (step) can simulate power grid outage, voltage drop (DIP), voltage rise (POP), etc. The step function (step) output is mainly characterized by simple setting and regular waveform of output voltage and frequency. In actual use, the target waveform output can be realized only by setting the initial voltage and frequency, step voltage amplitude, step frequency, etc. as shown in the figure below, the output waveform of initial 10vac / 50Hz and step 10vac / 50Hz. The typical application of step function is to test the working voltage and frequency range of electronic products.

The line simulation function can simulate the sudden change of voltage (such as drop / rise), which is characterized by only part of the sudden change of output waveform. The typical application test of linear simulation function verifies the anti-interference ability of electronic products to the sudden change of power supply network.

Waveform editing function and typical application of PWR series high performance programmable AC power supply

The sequence function (list) is very powerful. It can easily simulate many complex output waveforms, set the combination of output voltage, frequency and time, and call them in sequence. Just like stacking Tetris, it can allow various types of waveforms to be output according to the preset sequence. PWR - controller software supports excel table editing, import and export. List typical applications simulate specific output waveforms to verify the performance and function of electronic products.

In the actual power supply environment, the fault of power grid and power facilities or the sudden large change of load will lead to the temporary drop or even short-term interruption of power supply voltage. These factors will affect the work of AC power supply equipment. This requires that the AC power supply can test the equipment according to the relevant standards in iec61000-4, so as to ensure that the equipment can operate or recover normally in case of abnormal power supply.

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