Internet of things technology can remotely monitor river water level. The Internet of things allows you to accurately monitor river water levels in multiple locations, and the data can be transmitted back wirelessly in real time. In this article, the technicians studied the different components and sensors needed to monitor river water levels. Take the ultrasonic sensor mb7040 as an example

A water level monitoring equipment based on the ultrasonic sensor mb7040 of the company. Sensor nodes allow you to connect a variety of sensors (up to six). In this case, we will connect the maxbotix ultrasonic sensor. For river applications, you may also need to include temperature, humidity and pressure, weather stations, and even water flow meters.

The working principle of ultrasonic sensor is to send sound to the object and detect the reflection of sound. The sensor then measures the time between each point to determine the distance between the sensor and the object being measured. The sound from the sensor is too high for the human ear to hear, but it allows the “beam” (42khz) to be focused.

Maxbotix i2cxl can detect the distance of objects within 10 meters, and the particle size is 1 cm.

Solution of mb7040 ultrasonic sensor

Sensor nodes are connected to river structures (such as bridges) or installed on poles near rivers to be monitored. The ultrasonic sensor is connected with the node and installed above the water body. At this point, the sensor will measure the distance between itself and the water body.

At this point, if you know the river depth at this point – any increase or decrease in the sensor value (i.e. 25 cm) indicates a drop in water level, and any increase (+ 15 cm) indicates a rise in water level.

Water level monitoring equipment based on the ultrasonic sensor mb7040 of libelium company

The nodes are installed on the bridge, and the ultrasonic sensor points to the river. The sensor measures the distance between the sensor and the river with an accuracy of 1 cm. These measurements are then used to assess the height of the river. The working range of the sensor can reach 7.6 meters (the extended version is 10 meters). Then use Lora / 4G / 3G / WiFi / sigfox to transmit data.

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