With the increasing popularity of science and technology products in people’s lives, many parents are also trying to let their children contact as soon as possible in order to obtain more significant advantages. In Japan’s society 5.0 future, these themes are likely to become a necessity. For a long time, education practitioners, schools and enterprises have been promoting the all-round development of science, technology, engineering and Mathematics (stem). As one of the world’s leading toy manufacturers, Wandai hopes to better introduce stem concept to children of all ages by integrating toys with technology.

At the CEATEC 2019 exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, Wandai exhibited two programmable robots, algoroid and zeonic. It is expected that as a part of society 5.0, children can enjoy more fun of programming.

Algoroids may not fit the usual robot concept, but no one says robots need hands and legs. Those who are familiar with anki overdrive may find some similarities between them. However, the new algoroid and zeonic still have their own unique features. First of all, children can program the car on the smart phone, and then put these smart phones on the robot to make the car gallop.

Al Wandai launched algoroid and zeonic programmable robots, making programming no longer boring

Each machine has its own characteristics, by giving it a certain personality, children can more easily and fun into programming. For older children, Wandai has also joined hands with zeonic technologies to launch a programmable robot based on Zaku Gundam IP. This series of humanoid robots can move like real robots, and support the programming operation of its mechanical parts with extremely high degrees of freedom.

Of course, the final version of the kit is not only for children, but also for teenagers and adult fans. You can assemble the various parts of the robot, so that it has physical and tactile functions.

Finally, Wandai is working with ARTec, a maker of educational toys, on a stem course using algoroids.

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