In order to make people excited about Coca Cola’s latest products, it cooperated with Wal Mart to deliver the latest Coca Cola and coffee drinks to specific customers in coffee County, Georgia through UAVs. As Wal Mart continues to embrace drone delivery, this is not surprising.

The two companies invited the national drone service provider droneup to ensure that the marketing plan can be realized. Droneup provides all services from UAV delivery to training, and carries out search and rescue missions.

Through tripartite cooperation, single family residential families within 1.6km radius of Wal Mart Super Center in coffee county can choose UAV to distribute new products of Coca Cola plus coffee and Coca Cola plus coffee Zero sugar.

The drone used by droneup looks like a customized Dajiang matrice600pro with a fixed package device during flight. Looking at the picture carefully, it seems that the UAV used four arms to hold the package tightly and put down the package with a tether at the delivery place, so as to keep the UAV in the air and away from people.

As for the package, it seems that there is only one coke can inside. The can is fixed with cardboard and kept in place. It won’t turn into a fountain when people open the coke.

Wal Mart continues to embrace drone delivery and deliver new Coca Cola and coffee drinks

Wal Mart and UAV delivery

This is not the first time Wal Mart has cooperated with UAVs. Last September, it began a limited UAV delivery service in Fayetteville, North Carolina. These drones have been transporting selected groceries to test their operation until they are rolled out to the rest of the country.

These UAVs are from flytrex, a UAV delivery company, and will fly using cloud based systems. Unlike other UAV delivery networks, UAVs will directly deliver goods to customers’ doors rather than nearby warehouses or pick-up points.

The significance of these two pilot projects is to let Wal Mart collect valuable data to understand customers’ acceptance of UAV delivery, the overall experience of UAV delivery, and whether it is meaningful to continue to deliver groceries by UAV.

Wal Mart also cooperated with Intel to conduct UAV light show tours all over the United States to celebrate the arrival of the festival. The two companies sent 1000 drones at each location to display Festival themed images and characters.


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