The development of traditional hotels in today’s market has become out of place, the hotel industry needs to rethink the road of development, with the change of consumer groups, the industry began to focus on the field of smart hotels which is more suitable for the market.

There is a large number of duplication in the smart hotel market, and this duplication also leads to consumption fatigue. Since this inevitable phenomenon of imitation appears in the market, how can we maintain our unique advantages with limited funds, and even further increase the number of customers because of the characteristics of the hotel.

Now VR + In the real high imitation environment, we need to seek change. In the case of limited financial funds, VR technology is a feasible way of intelligent transformation of hotels. Smart hotels can also show more creativity in network marketing, personalized services, value-added services, creative design and other aspects to meet the trend needs of customers, Realize “VR” + Hotel “.

VR technology innovates traditional hotels and smart hotels

After the consumers stay in the hotel, they can tailor a set of virtual exclusive rooms for the consumers according to their personal habits and ideas provided in advance. Here we refer to the type. For example, some consumers tend to European style decoration, or Mediterranean style, or Hawaiian style. The hotel can prepare such VR materials in advance, which can be reused, It can also add a sense of novelty.

At the same time, in the hotel’s travel team, they have a certain demand for meetings. For special periods, the hotel’s prepared meeting room is full or the meeting room is not suitable for some team wishes. At this time, if VR reality is applied to create online VR smart meeting room, it can be said that it is a great improvement for the customer experience, and in the VR field, it is not affected by the environment No matter it is small-scale or large-scale conference mode, it is also applicable!

Of course, this is still a development direction of smart hotel at present, but this idea should be a great breakthrough in the industry limited to the Internet of things +.

For virtual VR, it can not only achieve a diversified smart hotel scene with a small investment, but also a good development direction in the future!


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