In recent years, China’s virtual reality industry has developed rapidly, and the relevant key technologies have further matured. Breakthroughs have been made in the technical fields of picture quality, image processing, eye capture, 3D sound field, machine vision and so on. As a recognized next-generation general computing platform, what is the VR industry? What is the development prospect of VR industry?

1、 What is the VR industry?

The VR industry is the virtual reality industry. The subdivided fields mainly include VR equipment, VR games, VR movies, VR panorama, VR live broadcast, etc. China is one of the regions with the most active innovation and entrepreneurship, the highest market acceptance and the greatest development potential in the global virtual reality industry. The industrial development is characterized by the basic formation of the R & D and manufacturing system, the substantial improvement of the user experience, the continuous enrichment of application resources and the accelerated pace of integration and innovation.

2、 VR technology development

1. The first stage (before 1963) the simulation of sound shape and dynamics is a stage that contains the idea of virtual reality. In 1929, edwardlink designed a simulator for training pilots; In 1956, mortonheilig developed the multi-channel simulation experience system sensorama.

2. The second stage (1963-1972) is the embryonic stage of virtual reality. In 1965, ivansutherland published the paper “ultimateddisplay” (the ultimate display); In 1968, ivansutherland successfully developed helmet mounted stereoscopic display (HMD) with tracker; In 1972, nolanbushell developed the first interactive video game pong.

3. The third stage (1973-1989) is the generation of the concept of virtual reality and the preliminary formation of the theory. In 1977, dansandin et al. Developed the data glove sayreglove; In 1984, nasames Research Center developed a virtual environment visual display for Mars exploration; In 1984, jaronlanier of VPL first put forward the concept of “virtual reality”; In 1987, jimhumphries designed the first prototype of the binocular omnidirectional monitor (boom).

4. The fourth stage (since 1990) is the stage of further improvement and application of virtual reality theory. In 1990, VR technology was proposed, including 3D graphics generation technology, multi-sensor interaction technology and high-resolution display technology; VPL company developed the first set of sensing gloves “datagloves” and the first set of HMD “eyephones”; Since the 21st century, VR technology has developed at a high speed, and software development systems have been continuously improved, such as multigenvega, OpenSceneGraph, Virtools, etc.

3、 Problems faced by VR industry

At present, the main problems in the development of VR industry include the technical problems of VR equipment and the small number of high-quality VR content. VR equipment is the carrier of VR content. The upgrading of equipment technology can stimulate the quality improvement of VR content. With the development of the industry and the progress of science and technology, these problems will be solved.

4、 Development prospect of VR industry

In recent years, China has positioned the VR industry as a strategic emerging industry with advanced development, and promoted the development of the VR industry through the introduction of encouraging development policies and supporting industrial development funds. Previously, wushengwu, deputy director of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the issuance of 5g license has opened up a Xintiandi for the application of virtual reality technology in a wider range of fields. It is estimated that the scale of China’s virtual reality market will reach 54.45 billion yuan in 2021, with an annual compound growth rate of 91.2%.

At present, the domestic virtual reality industry is still in its infancy and has not yet formed a clear leader. The number of enterprises participating in the field of virtual reality has increased significantly. According to the enterprise survey data, there are 22700 related enterprises in the VR field in China, and 1397 new VR enterprises in the first half of 2020. During the cloud summit of the 2020 world VR industry conference, the total amount of contracts signed in Jiangxi Province reached nearly 66.2 billion yuan!

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