Michael Hampden, the chief game designer behind blood & truth from Sony London, gave a performance to the participants on Virtual Reality (VR) and what it will bring in the next few years at the development: Brighton conference. In his speech on the first day of the conference, Hampden said that he expected the future of virtual reality to be bright, new VR game types will appear, and new development tools will be created.

VR based virtual games will emerge one after another in the future

As reported by MCV in the UK, Hampden predicted that a new type of video games will be born in VR. He said: “in the next five years, I think we will see the emergence of some VR killer applications, and we will establish a design language. I think we will see the growth of mobile VR and medical applications. A new type of games will be born, which is possible in VR.”

Looking to the future, Hampden said: “I hope to provide more pragmatic accessories, such as tactile feedback, which will have an impact on VR space. I think the key to everyone’s lack of experience is tactile feedback. This should be a huge leap and will be a change in the rules of the game. Feeling an object, texture, will change the game, it will make things more immersive, and it will allow new types of VR games to appear.”

Hampden also pointed out that the rise of location-based VR center is a continuous trend: “we have seen developers change from room scale environment to location-based experience. These are Star Wars: Imperial secrets It’s interesting to see the ability this technology brings to users. When users pass through this space, they can feel the ground shaking, or experience the change of wind or temperature. These are very powerful and profound experiences. People like and are willing to spend money to try similar things. So far, our experience is limited, but I think As this trend will continue, we will see more and more location-based VR technologies appear in the future. “


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