Not all virtual reality (VR) applications are pure entertainment, and some of them provide users with a way to tap their creativity. Sculptrvr has provided HTC vive, oculus rift and Google daydream users with the opportunity to create complex 3D objects in VR. The Playstation VR version allows users to sculpt 3D objects using the Playstation move controller. Users can use a variety of tools to create shapes, edit, copy and share anything, from small and complex work to large and scalable environment.

VR apply sculptrvr to help build your 3D architectural aesthetics

In sculptvr, users can grow to a huge size, span the virtual world like giants, and shape the world around you as you move forward. Or you can reduce it to a small size to carefully edit each voxel.

Once the creation is complete, or the creator wants some comments from friends, users can share their work with the community. Unlike most playstage 4 games, the sharing function is completed through the “share” button. Sculptors can also choose to save the sculpture to a special online gallery, so that other users can use playstage VR to watch 3D sculpture works.

VR apply sculptrvr to help build your 3D architectural aesthetics

Sculptvr has a massive aesthetics, which is a bit like the RPG 3D game hero on Playstation 3, or a slightly detailed version of my world. Users can not only edit the sculpture itself, but also edit the surrounding environment, such as moving the sun and moon, or adding the effect of fog.


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