Marcus dusman, CEO of Audi, a luxury brand owned by Volkswagen Group, said on February 2 local time that the company plans to independently develop most of the software needed for automatic driving.

Although some people call for cooperation with competitors, Volkswagen still plans to complete the relevant work alone. In an industry activity, dusman said, “we will develop and produce most of the software required for automatic driving, but we do not refuse to cooperate completely. In some areas, we will still cooperate with other enterprises.”

When asked if Volkswagen would use Google’s software as its development standard, dusman said he hoped to achieve at least the same level. He added, “we are willing to accept the challenge.”

He went on to explain that “Volkswagen has enough scale, so it is eager to complete these tasks on its own, and Volkswagen is confident of establishing new software development standards. If other companies want to join these standards, there is no problem. “

At present, Volkswagen has integrated its software R & D department into a new Department, with about 5000 employees working together to develop the operating system of Volkswagen.

At the same time, Daimler and Volkswagen are also developing their own systems in the research and development of automatic driving software, hoping to compete with apple, Amazon and other technology giants in the field of big data of electric vehicles.

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