Both belong to biometric technology. Compared with popular face recognition, voiceprint recognition is very low-key, but it does not affect the dissemination of the charm of this black Technology: many British banks such as Barclays Bank, HSBC Bank and Halifax Bank currently support voiceprint recognition; China’s Ministry of public security has promoted voiceprint technology throughout the country. Local public security organs are trying to improve the practical application efficiency of voiceprint information and strengthen the application of voiceprint technology in public security organs; Recently, it is reported that Siri will join voiceprint recognition. When someone says “Hey Siri”, Siri can know whether the owner is calling it.

Voiceprint recognition is outstanding in the field of security, but it still faces many problems

So, after experiencing from fingerprint recognition to face recognition, will voice become the new mainstream identity authentication mode?

Three advantages of voiceprint recognition

Compared with voiceprint recognition, the public may be more familiar with speech recognition, but they have essential differences. Speech recognition is “what to say” and voiceprint recognition is “who is saying”. Voiceprint recognition can be divided into speaker recognition and speaker confirmation.

Different from other biometric methods such as face, fingerprint and iris, voiceprint recognition has unique advantages. First, voiceprint corpus is collected naturally, without specific actions such as blinking and swinging, and is not constrained by specific scenes such as light or privacy, so people have higher acceptance; Second, voiceprint recognition can randomly change the reading content, even if the voice information is left on the Internet or elsewhere, it is not easy to be copied or embezzled; Third, the use cost is low. Face recognition needs a camera, while voiceprint recognition only needs a microphone, which is easier to popularize and apply.

Voiceprint recognition is outstanding in the field of security

For this reason, voiceprint recognition technology has been applied in many fields, especially in the field of security. In the field of security, whether multi-dimensional or multi-level prevention and control, voiceprint recognition has become an indispensable part of the audio and video fusion system; Embedding voiceprint recognition technology in public security checkpoints or communication systems such as stations and hotels can identify and investigate key personnel, help public security effectively curb and crack down on illegal acts, and build and strengthen a safe social public environment.

It is worth mentioning that under the development trend of the Internet of things, voiceprint recognition with voice is more reasonable for terminal devices with small screen. Voiceprint recognition is expected to become one of the verification methods and service entrances in the Internet of things scenario.

We still face many difficulties

Voiceprint recognition is of great value in all walks of life, but it also faces many difficulties. For example, at present, voiceprint data is controlled in the public security system, and it is difficult for enterprises to use these data for training; In addition, the differences of human dialects and accents, as well as the different sound conditions in different emotional states, will have a certain impact on voiceprint recognition. How to accurately judge the essential characteristics of sound in dynamic recognition is very important and difficult for voiceprint recognition.

Conclusion: Although there are many problems to be solved, it is undeniable that voiceprint recognition does have a wider application prospect. Biometric authentication technology has been considered to replace all kinds of plaintext passwords, and voiceprint also has special advantages over other voiceprint features. In addition to being more secure and convenient, the cost of voice acquisition and recognition is lower than face recognition. In fact, it is more suitable for password authentication. Perhaps the day when voiceprint recognition becomes the mainstream authentication mode will not be too far away.

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