Beijing, April 14, 2021 / AP / — Ericsson, Vodafone, oppo and Qualcomm are jointly deploying 5g independent Networking (SA) in Frankfurt and other major German cities to further release 5g potential. In addition to benefiting industries, governments and enterprises seeking industrial 4.0 opportunities, this cooperation also enables individual mobile users to enjoy the new mobile experience brought by 5gsa network with low latency, high speed and large data capacity.

Vodafone began to deploy 5gsa commercial network in Frankfurt, which can operate independently of 4G (LTE). Compared with the current 5gnsa (non independent Networking) network, it can achieve low latency and allow more people and connected objects to use mobile data at the same time.

Vodafone’s network can also support network slicing, which can flexibly divide the network into multiple parts for different use cases. In addition to bringing innovation opportunities, as devices no longer need to connect 5g and LTE networks at the same time, mobile phone users using 5gsa network can reduce energy consumption by nearly 20%.

“We’re clearing the way for real-time connectivity,” said Hannes ametsreiter, Vodafone’s German chief executive. This is the first deployment of 5g network that can run independently in Germany. We are the first network operator to really let 5g get rid of LTE, which will bring our customers full real-time connection experience. “

At the press conference on April 12, technicians switched all mobile wireless base stations within 3.5GHz to 5g and connected them to the independent 5g core network. Ericsson has provided products and solutions from Ericsson wireless system and Ericsson cloud core for 5g core network cloud native micro service to help Vodafone build 5gsa network in Germany.

With the support of Ericsson, Vodafone became the first network operator in Europe to deploy 5gsa network of this scale.

Arun Bansal, President of Ericsson Europe and Latin America, said: “the 5gsa network has brought huge benefits to the industry and consumers. With faster network response time, users can make full use of the advantages of real-time mobile communication. “

He added: “after working with Vodafone to launch 5g network in Germany, 5gsa network is another result of our cooperation. We will provide real 5g through our leading technology and innovation ability, so that customers can fully feel the advantages of 5g. “

Ericsson and Vodafone have also transformed a data center in Frankfurt into a 5g network, enabling it to flexibly meet the growing needs of the region through cloud data processing.

Duan Yaohui, vice president of oppo mobile products division, said: “oppo is honored to be the only terminal manufacturer participating in the first 5gsa network business in Europe. We have always been committed to bringing the most cutting-edge technology to our customers. As a pioneer of 5g technology, oppo will continue to cooperate with industry leaders to create more unique product experiences for global consumers. “

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